Shopping – Hershey’s @ Sentosa

After a whole day of perspiration and walking around, causing an extremely sharp pain on my right buttock area, I needed something to lift my mood. And then, the shop caught my eye – Hershey’s! Not that I’m really craving for it at this moment, but the temptation of buying something to cheer myself up is definitely there. And so conveniently, I went into the shop, which is situated just outside the USS.

Caught a glimpse of all the things around me, and as usual, it’s filled with the classic kisses and hugs, and also the recent merchandises that they created like t-shirts, soft toys, cups and chocolates’ wrappers with customised photos.┬áThe marketing department sure did a good job on that.

Hmm… is chocolate really a happy food and that women love it? Hmm… maybe… *LOL*

But I ain’t going for any types of chocolates. There’s only that few that I’m looking out for… the dark daaaarrrrkkk chocolates, that tasted as nice and not TOO sweet. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so…

Anyway, I bought these 2 bar of dark chocolates, with one SPECIALLY dark. Not sure how dark it is but there’s no harm trying isn’t it?

I would say, again, as usual. It’s not really that cheap. I mean the price. For these 2 bars of chocolates, it already cost me almost $20. Is it worth it? Well, I guess it depends entirely on how much you love chocolates, and furthermore, it’s hershey’s. I like theirs for the rich taste.


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