Thoughts – Giving Up Your Seat

It’s really depressing… to see my fellow Singaporeans (or those who are not but currently staying or working here) behaving in this manner…

I’m on my way to my team building at Sentosa today. I’d decided to take a train on my own instead of getting my lil’ hub to send me there. Had expected that there wouldn’t be any seats for me but maybe… I just hope that I’m wrong…

The LRT ride was short and so I shan’t talk about it though the person who is in front of me, just looked up and probably wondering if she should give up her seat since it’s merely one station away. And then upon alighting, you’ll realise that the people around you will probably just squeeze pass you. What can I say… maybe my bump wasn’t big enough for them to notice? (I doubt so).

And then the worse was in the MRT train…

I walked and stopped in a cabin, as the train started to move. There wasn’t any seats available and so I stood right in the middle. A look around that 4 reserved seats showed that out of that 4, only 1 was taken by a not-really-THAT old person, while the other 3 was taken up by younger people, either younger or slightly older than me, that’s all. The 3 persons directly in front of me had their eyes closed. To be exact, half of the people sitting down in that cabin had their eyes closed while the rest just looked away or somewhere else. There’s hardly any old people in that cabin at that hour. I stood still, observing, nobody gave up their seat.

3 stops later, someone sitting behind me apparently stood up (saw it from the reflection) and alighted but the seat was soon taken by the person directly behind me. Another 2 stops later, the person in front of me alighted. I walked in front and took the seat. But guess what? The guy beside me would have taken that seat, if I’m not slightly faster than him.

How sad…

I’m not saying that there’s no kind people who will give up their seats to the needy. I’m saying that there’s the majority who don’t, and pretended as if they don’t know. As much as the government tries to educate his people to behave in such manners, but I guess these sort of education begins back at home – that’s where the responsibilities of parents come in.

But sadly, it doesn’t seem like the case nowadays. Parents, being too busy, will probably just throw all these “moral” education to the schools. The teachers, being the new generation, somehow probably lack of all these “morals” themselves too, and furthermore, not emphasizing on it. So how? Tell me how will these ever improve?

I’m not going to raise my expectations on this as I know it’s not going to happen overnight though I do envy some countries on achieving it somehow, for example, Taiwan. You’ll realise that their reserved seats are empty even though the train might be packed. And even if those non-needies sat down, they are quick to give up the seats whenever needed.

For now, I only have ONE expectation – don’t bump into my little bump, I’ve got my adorable little milkie in it.

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