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Just had my filled with the slightly healthier fish soup with rice at the Singtel building. Tried to take as minimal chopped chilli as possible though. Walking proves to be extremely difficult today as the muscles are aching, and the swollen of the legs (due to walking too much probably) just makes it worse, not to mention about the extra weight that I’m carrying.

Thank goodness that my immediate boss is on half day leave today, thus I get to surf a bit of internet and do my own things, as well as for work. Am considering to take some work back home to do over the weekend as it’s simply accumulating a little too much.

Anyway, I’d been closing both of my eyes for the past few days in order to really have a good rest. Bought some containers yesterday though to pack a few things only. The MIL apparently couldn’t stand me being so particular about everything. What to do…? This is my house, and I really simply like certain things to be in my own way – neat and tidy, and most importantly – consistent and simplified.

The weekend’s coming and currently, there’s only the K-Lunch session that we will be going with another friend tomorrow morning. BUT… fear not… for the house and rooms, and all the things had not been cleared yet. SO… *LOL* there’s SURE to be something to do. Damn.

For now, it’s time to think through and jot down the list of never-ending things that I need to do… and I really have a need to note down those outstanding items for my absent minded-ness seems to be getting a lot worse. I really mean A LOT. People are telling me that it’s because of pregnancy but I’m not sure how true is that. I only know nowadays, I could be thinking of what I need to do, and the next moment (especially if I go¬†and do something else or talk to somebody), I’ll forget TOTALLY about it, no matter how much I tried to recall… Sigh…

  1. Update this blog – 74 more articles to update and publish
  2. Check out information on cordblood
  3. Go for dental checkup – normal
  4. Set up the network at home
  5. Buy harddisk
  6. Check out price of Starhub TV
  7. Read up and register the points for 20 modules for PMP – 5 read and registered
  8. Read up and register the points for the seminar for PMP
  9. Start working on the writing course
  10. Create Midd and friends
  11. Create cranky fashion website
  12. Start baking/cooking fortnightly
  13. Read up and practise on face reading
  14. Plan for Europe tour (honeymoon!)
  15. Update picture blog
  16. Create video for CNY2012
  17. Find 2 photos for keychain
  18. Change battery for the 2 watches
  19. List down the chinese characters – yin & yang
  20. Buy media player for sis
  21. Join Primary School alumni
  22. Calculate my cashflow for March
  23. Finish knitting the scarf
  24. Pack the bookshelves and storeroom
  25. Check out cloth diaper pants in Gmarket
  26. Photocopy confinement recipe book (2 sets)
  27. Confirm on delivery of baby playpen and stroller on Friday
  28. Buy media player for our house with LAN port
  29. Buy a container for the toolbox white cement
  30. Buy a 2TB 3.5″ WD HDD (Green)
  31. Change address for all credit cards & banks
  32. Make reservation for K Lunch on Saturday
  33. Bring a plastic spoon to office
  34. Submit income tax
  35. Investigate on the errors caused by the “Restore”
  36. Review the current IT Application Procedures (SDLC)
  37. Touch up on the orientation slides for IT staffs
  38. Create FAQ documents for Clarity – Process and Procedures
  39. Audit for BTR and provide findings
  40. Assess the suitability of Sharepoint for Project/Incident Management
  41. Document SOP for PMO routine tasks (for backup)
  42. Re-create the approver for the workflow of projects
  43. Read up on sharepoint
  44. Ensure that the Dev server got backup and kept for 2 years from now
  45. Refresh Dev with the Prod data
  46. Send email to all project managers on project updates and documents required
  47. Create requirements and solutioning document for all reports – daily, weekly, S5
  48. Track RICE projects
  49. Quarterly report for individual
  50. Review the current procedures for S5 to Project Conversion
  51. Clean up project data
  52. Retrieve “Subqueue” field for weekly report

And I am so sleepy…

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