Thoughts – Generation Gap

There’s a reason for everything, especially if it’s a decision made by the government. Remember, it’s made by a panel of people and not just one. Be it a war, or not focusing on environmentally friendly means of transport, or even increasing the prices of houses. And this applies to the designs of the new flats too!

I came back home today, with the lil’ hub and his friend, intending to do up the IKEA wardrobe that I’d gotten last week. But as we reached home, we realised that there’s a visitor, and she’s none other than the grandma, lil’ hub’s grandma.

And as she was interestingly being brought around to view our flat by my MIL, making comments here and there, I was trying to decipher what they were saying using my pathetic knowledge of my not-so-good dialect. Oh crap, no, I’m not eavesdropping on purpose. It’s just that they were talking way too loud in their slightly high pitch voice (the voice seems to echo through the house) and my lil’ hub and friend had kept me out of the study room since it’s a taboo for me to be around when there’s ‘knockings’ here and there. So here I went… deciphering… and the only conclusion I had? It’s definitely “Generation Gap”.

One of the major things that my MIL complained was the lack of sun in the service yard, and the totally illogical thing of separating the common toilet from the service yard. She was commenting this morning, saying that we should had knocked down one of the walls in the common toilet that’s sharing with the service yard so that she could just walked through and put the washed clothes there instead of going one big round. And apparently, she was complaining to her mum (the grandma), who gladly agreed with it.

HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO! We are living in the new millenium!

The flats were designed this way because it’s mostly made for young couples. And how many young couples ACTUALLY still hand-washes their clothes these days??! I bet there’s hardly any left. And thus, the reason why the toilet and the service yard HAD been separated. It’s the time for the washing machines, and probably dryers too, if you were to ask me.

I did try and explain to my MIL this morning but I doubt she will understand. A nod on my head saying that she could ‘sun’ her clothes by hanging at the windows in the living room, now created an unsightly picture on the view of the park, with towels, tops and (worst of all) undergarments hanging on the window grill… Alas… maybe I shouldn’t have said that… but I guess it’s too late to withdraw my words now.

Sigh… I’m closing my eyes… I’m closing my eyes… I’m closing my eyes…

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