Blog #0271

I asked myself why… why do I even bother to explain myself? That’s because I knew I’d been misunderstood again, and I don’t like that. But as what his brainless mind can be, that’s the ONLY kind of thing that he will ever think of – me not treating his mum as well as I treat my mum.

It’s the time for developing the photos. I had rejected to sit through with his mum to look through the photos and see which one she would like to develop. I don’t reject for no reasons. Firstly, my back and legs had been aching, and extremely badly since last week where I helped to pack his mum’s house. Secondly, I’m not on leave and I don’t have the time to sit through like that. And for my mum’s, she’s the one that sat through on her own for most of the photos and noted it down on a piece of paper before I retrieve it. I HOPE he does remember that I’m not feeling that well though. He’s not the one that’s having the pains and aches, I wouldn’t be surprise that he’d forgotten totally about it. I bet he has NO idea that I can’t sit too long on a chair. And I bet he has NO idea that I can’t walk too long either.

Sometimes… he seriously only think about his mum… Who am I? *EXTREMELY HURT*

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