Shopping – Challenger @ NEX

I just bought my new toy albeit the fact that I still have no idea how I should go about wiring it all up, yet. But well, it’s just a matter of time before I figure out whether it can be done  or not right? Meanwhile, this will be just the perfect storage (as well as backup) for all my movies, photos and videos!

What is this? It’s a D-link Network Attached Storage! NAS in short. I got the model DNS-320 that has 2 slots for the hdd and can hold up to a total of 4GB! Not sure if it’s really that good but at the very least, the outlook of that box looks quite decent and neat, with a USB port (in front) and a LAN port (at the back).

Anyway, recently I’d been getting quite a few things from Challenger and I would say the price, though slightly higher for some, is quite reasonable for others. Example a D-link 5 port switch that I saw in Challenger, is actually somewhat one of the cheaper price that I found in Sim Lim Square. But that is, if you are a member.

And to join as a member, it doesn’t really cost a lot especially if you tend to buy things from there. What’s more, it’s more convenient as there’s quite a few branches around, instead of going all the way down to Sim Lim Square or Funan IT Mall.

I’m the lazy kind, and since I’m popping by NEX so often after my admin came to our office so why not? But I’ll still suggest you to go down SLS if you are getting internal parts for a desktop computer. The price of internal HDD in Challenger is CONFIRMED more expensive. I just got one.

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