Thoughts – Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Solutions

One of the most tiring and frustrating┬áthing is to solve problems, be it at work or at home, or anywhere. But the irony in life is such that, somehow, no matter how much you tried to avoid it, you still need to solve it… and some people, simply just attracts problems…

I’m probably one such person. Or maybe, in a way, I’m attracted to problems. Not that I like to solve things but I couldn’t help it if the problem is around me, especially if it’s near, to let it stay unattended. And the work that I does, *LOL*, its more or less solving issue after issue. Damn.

The issue that I encountered yesterday at work hasn’t been solved yet and it seems like there’re a few more new issues coming my way which I’m trying to block it for now. After spending one whole night of debugging (luckily not by me) and checking if there’s any problem after upgrading some client software, there wasn’t any new findings. Alas… I shall not update on anything new only after my lunch. I need some shopping to brighten up my extremely dull day.

And back at home, it wasn’t all that pleasant. The neighbour didn’t give us much peace late last night. There seems to be, or at least I suspected, some arguments in the house and thus we had to close the door slightly earlier.

The MIL is getting a little bit bored with her life since she’s got so much free time now, and the lil’ hub ain’t going home to eat as it would be rather late. So that’s one thing lesser for the MIL to do. Furthermore, she’s always home alone with nothing much to do and nothing to watch. She’s regretting it, for quitting… What I did? Nothing. I just told my lil’ hub with a “See, I told you so…”. Yes, it’s bad but I DID warn him times again that the MIL shouldn’t tendered so early. Yet, he refused to take my suggestion and go ahead with the “threatening”, and together with the MIL, they proceeded with whatever that they think it’s right. Nice one for them.

My own mum? She doesn’t seem really that happy that the MIL decided to move in now. Yes, it’s already over but it had caused her daughter to have backaches and pains after helping to clear up her stuffs. And of course, the frustrations that she had… and worse of all… while she’s pregnant…

The NAS that I got didn’t give me some peace either. Didn’t really work but I was too tired to start debugging it. Told the lil’ hub this morning that if he wanted to rush out the movies and dramas for his mum to watch, then he’ll have to go buy all those things on his own. I don’t have the energy to set it up so fast, with my pathetic knowledge on the network. Should have just gotten the media player with the HDD directly and that would have saved all the trouble. That’s the problem when you have a relatively calculative hubby.

If you asked me, I’m damn freaking exhausted now. Let’s see if the flip-flops that I intended to buy later will cheer me up a little or not.

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