Blog #0275

I watched my reflection in the mirror as I walked down the aisle. Only one thought came to my mind… I WALKED LIKE A PENGUIN! Definitely a cute one though. With the weight that’s in front of me, and the aching pain that’s still somewhere in my right buttock, I couldn’t walk normally and thus will sway from left to right. Furthermore, with the size of the tummy getting bigger, it really proves to be difficult to walk with your legs close, forget about walking like a model.

So far, today’s had been relatively good, other than the fact that my eyelids are closing down on me since an hour plus ago. Am doing my work slowly but surely.

Got a scare (literally jumped up) from my MIL this morning though, as she stood right behind me (silently) when I closed the bedroom door. Not the first time. Some more, her hair is slightly longer than shoulder length, and a bit whitish. Shall not go further into the details. Am only glad that this time, at least the sun is up. Wished she had made more noise the next time she woke up, instead of standing there at the doorway without a sound.

Time to go for lunch soon. Will go slightly earlier as I’m already hungry now, after a cup of milk, a bottle of water, one cheese pancake and a banana. Wonder if that’s consider a little too much. Not to forget that I had a second dinner yesterday. Well… MIL didn’t cook that often, so when she cook, I, as a DIL, need to entertain a little right?

Hope things will be even better later!

On the other hand… Am getting a little bored with life. Seriously felt that my life is lacking a lot of things. It doesn’t feel balance. I don’t feel balance. And this blog currently seems so dull… My creativities seem to be drowning in the midst of the renovations, wedding, changing of jobs and now arrival of baby. Not that I don’t welcome all these, but I still need some personal time of my own…

A blog reflects how a person thinks and feels at the moment, so I guessed mine isn’t that difficult to decipher now especially when it’s filled with mainly blogs and thoughts only. Sigh… The break that I took a month ago seems to just vanished without a trace as life goes back to normal. Wonders when will be my next break…

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