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Finally, I couldn’t resist and clicked on the “Checkout” button… there goes my 100 over bucks…

It had been a few months since I last bought the clothes online in November 2011, and from this online shop – the Causeway Mall, which is based in Hong Kong. So far, I’d had a few transactions with them, and I’m rather satisfied with their service as well as the quaity of their products.

Well, I mean, the quality ain’t really those top grades kind, but I’m definitely paying the amount for the quality that I received. Furthermore, I’m looking at the design more than the quality.

So what are the few things that attracted me to this online shopping mall?

Firstly, it’s of course the design of their clothes. Unlike some of the website, where the clothes seem to be really similar, over here, it ranges from dresses (formal and informal), to pants and shorts, blouses of different materials and designs.

And then next, is the navigation of their website. It’s sorted into categories, with clear meaning of each category. There are a few websites that I went, with lots of advertisements, causing lots of confusions. And a lot of links which somehow hows duplication of the clothes. Over here, normally what I did is to click on the “New Arrivals” and tada! I’ll get my list of newer and available clothes.

Of course, it’s their checkout and payment system. Over here, it ships internationally and everything is done through the system, including the selection of clothes and the payment, which can be done easily using a credit card.

Their services and replies are fast. Normally it will take at most about 1-2 weeks and you’ll received your goods, unless some are out of stocks, and that’s where you’ll need to liaise with their friendly customer officers.

It’s good, and I’ll definitely go back to buy. And if you are interested, you better be fast for their apparels get out of stocks real fast!

UPDATED: (22 August 2013) STOP buying from here anymore! It’s been quite a while since I last got from here, and can you imagine the shock I get when I received my loot yesterday night? It was simply HORRIBLE!!! Out of 16 pieces that I received, I only chose 6 which to me, is alright. Sigh… am so totally disappointed with them right now.

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