Blog #0276

[08:49] Rise & shine to an early Friday morning with hardly anyone around in the office yet! And I’m playing “Draw Something” (one of the more popular iPhone games around these days) with my friends because most of the turns are stuck with me! Gee… even playing games need to be “cleared”. How pathetic can life be!!

One boss won’t be in today, and the other won’t be coming in so early. Good for me to take it slow, especially on a Friday morning. Though slowly, there’s still lots to clear, and my TO-DO list seems to be outdated as I don’t have the mood to update it much, or actually, to clear whatever that’s outstanding.

It’s a Friday but yet my day doesn’t seem as bright as it used to be. Maybe a little music might cheer me up a little? *Puts on my earphones*

The MIL woke up really early this morning and went down for a walk. Though it gave us a scare as she left the house before we knew it and were wondering where she had gone. But in a way, it’s good as I felt totally undisturbed. The lil’ hub’s saying that his mum seems so “kelian” but what can I say? “You are the one that caused the miserable to her just because of some financial benefits.”

Life’s still as bored. How?

The lil’ hub seems to want to buy Macbook Air for me as a birthday gift. But seriously, do I really need it? My mood seems to be going down as the day passes and would I use it to do anything? Hmm… I doubted it.

Is this mood swing part and parcel of the pregnancy cycle? In my mind, there doesn’t seem to be anything that will make me unhappy but I just don’t feel that happy… It’s bad… when you don’t know what’s the problem…

[15:31] Spent the whole morning searching for a table in the database that I wanted to find but to no avail. Hp’s contract had ended. Shall consider either continue with M1 or sign up with Starhub. The day still seem so boring… Damn. And I kept farting.

[16:59] Suddenly felt like starting my own business again. Yes, I know I’d tried and failed but there’s no harm wanting to try again right? Otherwise this kind of life – eat, bathe and sleep, everyday repeatedly, is too much for me to bear. Let’s think of a plan…

[17:16] Okay. Had decided to bring my work lappie back home to try and clear some of the things, especially after a whole day’s work and I’m unable to find whatever that I want to find.

Lil’ hub will be coming to fetch me for dinner later. But that will be like an hour plus more. Hmm… shall rest a bit of my brain and probably do some shopping online. ^^ Guess what? The items that I got yesterday, had been delivered and posted to their post office. Efficient huh?

[17:39] *Looking at another online website. Shit…*

[19:11] Just got down from a cab where the driver went a big round instead of going straight to make a U-turn. And then I’m met with a lady who just cut the queue in the toilet. Wonders if she’s blind to ignore that long queue of people. My country had been infested with junks!

[19:47] Remember the wedding night stay that we had about a month ago at Conrad? Was wondering how come it was 2 nights instead of 1 right? Well, they called the lil’ hub that day and told him that it was supposed to be one night. And today, they sent an email to the lil’ hub and expected us to pay when their staff was the one who made the mistake! Jesus! Now I’m wondering how many stars is that CONRAD hotel, to be so particular with that $150… Damn it. Somehow, they just simply spoiled your mood to a certain extent. But we ain’t going to pay for their mistake. Definitely not.

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