Food – Carl’s Jr @ NEX

NEX is really a convenient shopping centre to go, with a massive list of restaurants (comparing it to other shopping centres). It’s a FRIDAY! And I’d waited patiently for my dear lil’ hub for dinner, and weirdly, he’s the one having cravings recently and not the pregnant lady.

And today… he’s craving for his LOW CARB burger. Something interesting… no bread used, instead, cabbages are used as a “container” for the meat and cheese etc. For me, I ate an extremely big fish burger. Trust me, it’s good stuff. Their fish ain’t those fillet kind like you eat in McDonald’s. It’s REAL stuff!

But of course, every cent pays. A fish burger in Carl’s Jr cost about $5.60, while one in McDonald’s (about half the size) cost around $3+. Nonetheless, just do a simple calculation and you will realise it’s actually more worth it in Carl’s Jr. Furthermore, if you and your friend are both small eaters, you could possibly share a burger!

And what’s more, their drink is FREE FLOW!! WOOHOO! Not that I really love to drink (or can drink much especially now) but the idea of having free flow drinks, and sitting down there to chit chat with your friends, does sound like quite a good idea. The whole set (for fish burger) cost you $8.50!

Oh yes, almost forgotten. Carl’s Jr is located at the basement one of NEX, somewhere beside KFC. It’s relatively easy to locate as it’s in the middle of the 2 escalators, and somewhere opposite the restrooms.

Nice food, that’s a definite. And you get to have your own box of serviettes.

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