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I seriously DO feel a little imbalanced after hearing that the lil’ hub intends to wake up in the morning every Saturday and accompany his mum to the park for a walk. Damn. The mum only shifted in for 2 weeks. I told him straight that I don’t feel happy about it. Not that I don’t allow him to go for the walk but put it this way… For more than 2 months that I stayed alone with him, and even posted on my FB saying that I felt so lonely having breakfast most of the time alone, he only accompanied me ONCE (at most twice) for breakfast (and that I needed to deliberately wake him up only at 9am or later). And it almost felt like begging, for that ONE TIME to come true… Reason for not accompanying? “I’m very tired and I wake up early every weekday, I don’t want to wake up so early for the weekend.”… Great… how can you expect your wife to feel totally nothing about that?!!

Jesus… never mind… shall not bother myself with such things at the moment. Need to have a peace of mind to have a happier baby. Idiots. Men are idiots! And women are fools to fall in love with them! Crap. Focus focus…

Food. One of the things that can lift up a person’s mood. To be honest, I’m not really in the mood for Thai food. But since the lil’ hub wanted to eat and I don’t have other cravings, we just went ahead.

The main branch that used to be near City Hall MRT had already closed down. The only branch that I knew is situated at Downtown East, at Pasir Ris, near to all the NTUC Chalets. It’s located at level 3, relatively visible from the escalator.

As usual, the food at Magic Wok still tasted as nice. Most of the food are spicy but there are of course some that aren’t. We ordered a tom yum soup, a pineapple rice, a, a sambal kang kong and a fried sotong fritters (youtiao), with a glass of lime juice and it cost us less than $30, which is definitely reasonable. There’s perks for NTUC card members too! Though of course, I have no idea what is the point of deducting only a mere 25 cents for that whole meal. 1% discount perhaps?

Anyway, ignoring the pathetic discount, the price is definitely affordable. And there’s no service charge!

Good place to go but definitely not that convenient unless you drive. Otherwise, you will probably have to take a train to Pasir Ris MRT, and transfer to a bus before you can reach this place. But if you hanging around the chalets or Wild Wild Wet, there definitely is no harm popping by this restaurant to eat.

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