Thoughts – Hand-me Downs

Another Chinese myth.

It had been said that, for newborn babies (or young children), it’s good to wear clothes that are passed down from other children as the baby will be easy to look after, and more obedient. This myth, so I’d heard, had been around for quite a while.

So, do you believe in such myth?

Let’s look at the statistics… In the past, I guess it’s more common for people to keep the baby clothes and pass around as money don’t come as easily in the past. And yes, in a way, children are easier to look after and more obedient, in a nicer set of words. Otherwise, in a nastier way, basically children in olden days ain’t as smart as the current, and thus seem more obedient. Anyway, parents in the past probably had too many children to really actually look after each and everyone of them, and that’s where the “easy to look after” comes from. Expectations? I guess there’s hardly from parents in the past. Probably it’s just… as long as there’s food to eat for the kids.

To prove this myth not so accurate, I’d looked at quite a few examples of children that I knew, that had wore hand-me down clothes but YET ain’t as obedient from my knowledge, and kept getting sick. So… hmm… does this myth really counts? Nah… it probably is really just ANOTHER myth.

BUT! Since it’s going to save me probably quite an amount of money, I guess there’s no harm in wearing those right? I mean, babies don’t wear clothes of the same size for that long a time so… WHY NOT?!¬†And now, I’m already at my 20+ weeks, I think it’s time to start collecting the hand-me downs!

So gear up and start calling your friends and relatives if you haven’t start!

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