Thoughts – Looking & Feeling Good During Pregnancy

Ever since my tummy had grown a lot bigger, I’ve got more and more friends sharing their pregnancy experience with me. It’s nice and definitely good especially for some of their advices. But as you listened to more, you’ll realised that one thing which they don’t really care about (and probably to quite a number of people) is the outlook, a.k.a. the way they dress and look.

One of my colleagues told me that when she’s pregnant, she only had 5 maternity dresses. And every week, she will repeat that 5 dresses only. Oh my… Another one told me similar thing. Then a friend told me it’s too tiring to dress up, so they just grabbed whatever they can find in the wardrobe, or that few maternity dresses that they have. After all, most of them wouldn’t want to spend too much money on dresses which they probably will only wear a few months, and a few times in their life.

Me? No way!

Just last Saturday and Sunday, I spent at least half an hour each, trying to find something in my wardrobe that will make me look nice, and yet, ensure that on Monday, I still have clothes to wear. It’s not easy, trust me on that. In total, there’s at least 10 dresses which I put in the other wardrobe that says “To be worn in future”.

Hey, you can’t be lazy on that, you know? Put it this way… at least this is what I’m thinking. When one is pregnant, you would have probably look fat and clumsy. To top it up, some even have outbreaks on the face, and pregnant ladies are not really supposed to put on make-ups due to some chemicals etc. So, you are as plain and as original as one can be. And if you don’t really care much about your outlooks, and just put on a baggy top (probably your hub’s) and shorts, with a pair of slippers. Goodness… you’ll probably look exactly like a middle-age auntie that’s going to the market! And then the next thing, you’ll see your hub looking at other prettier and younger girls instead.

No, that should not be the way! And by dressing so sloppily, I doubt you will feel good…

Thus, conclusion… I know it’s quite tiring and not easy to dress up especially during the last trimester of your pregnancy. But then, with your energy level so extremely low, and if you don’t dress up a little, you’ll probably just feel even WORSE! So, buck up and dig out whatever clothes or accessories that you have just to brighten up your days a little more! You are just a few months away from it all (before another nightmare starts). ^^

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