Blog #0280

I’m quite sure I wore something right today, for the lil’ hub praised me for what I wore, which is definitely something rare. And the moment I stepped into the office, the receptionist said I looked good too. Delighted? I sure am, especially on a wonderful Tuesday morning.

Been collecting more baby stuffs recently, and I would say, it’s quite a lot, and there’s more to come. Had quite a long chat with a friend yesterday night and it sure was nice to hear from him. He gave me lots of advices too such as “Beware of post-natal blues”.

And then yesterday, I managed to catch a clip of little milkie kicking me! Though it’s just a split second where you can see a slight bump coming out from my tummy, it sure brought a smile on my face. Will try again the next time when she’s so active.

Going to take my breakfast and start work soon. Hope today will be another peaceful day…

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