Blog #0282

The body felt the heat. The head feels a little groggy. That’s the result of almost 2 bad nights.

Can’t sleep on the right at all because it’s painful and weird. Can’t sleep on my back either because I couldn’t really breathe. Can’t sleep on my left because the back felt painful. Tried sitting up to sleep but after a while everything starts aching. And yesterday, I tried sleeping on the left, at a 45 degree angle, with a pillow supporting the back, and another supporting the tummy. As usual, there’s always a bolster to raise my feet. Alas… felt slightly better but that position didn’t last long. Body started to ache and I can hardly move. Now… I can slowly fully understand why people said that mothers are the greatest.

Just had a damn unhealthy breakfast an hour ago, which includes the fried kway teow, an egg and a piece of luncheon meat, plus a cup of teh-o. Knew I shouldn’t eat and drink all these, but I guess a little wouldn’t harm. Furthermore, I needed something to try and perk myself up.

But yes, I think I’m falling sick soon. Every breath that I breathed out felt so hot. Not warm, it felt hot. No good… no good…

Today will be a day to drink lots and lots of water…

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