Blog #0285

5.36am: Just a slight turn and a cough, and TADA! She kicked, and turned, and kicked, then there’s more kicks and probably including some punches too. Thub. Thub. Thub. That’s how I felt from the inside of my tummy. My little milkie is awake!

7.57am: I’m giving up my idea of getting a Macbook Air for now. Looking at how tiring the lil’ hub is, after working so late and so busy at work. And seeing how he’s trying to cope somehow made me don’t really want to “waste” his money. I mean, I’m not exactly wasting money but at this point in time, probably little milkie is our priority and that we’ll most likely be spending quite a bit on her. So, rather than I get my Macbook Air (which I probably won’t have the time to do what I want), I might as well use those money for little milkie instead (if needed).

10.26am: Weird. Seems so normal for me now to blog every now and then. Is it due to the extra “water elements” that I have, and thus the desire to get my thoughts out of my head? Hmm… little milkie seems to be answering my thoughts as she twirled inside. Maybe, just maybe, she’s a “Water” too…

11.20am: So nice of my colleagues to open the door for me, even if they had to wait…

11.35am: Zzzzz… Electric Pump… Zzzzz… *the brain trying hard to register what the eyes had just saw…*

1.32pm: The lunch simply just makes it worse. My brain and eyes are officially off work already. Damn… I’m back in the office.

1.52pm: Great! I actually can transfer my photos out of my iPhone using my office notebook. Weird but I don’t care. Then I got one task less. Another 2 more person found out. Hmm… is it THAT obvious in my FB? Am also really glad that my little nephew had more or less recovered. Just called my mum on the phone and heard him singing in the background. So happy… ^^

3.38pm: After 2 pills and a rocher, my mind still felt as empty. It’s an extremely slow Friday with a lousy appetite, thanks to the awful breakfast that I had in the morning. And I just realised that 4 out of 5 times that I’d tried at the different stalls above, my appetite for that day will be totally destroyed. Damn.

4.05pm: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! GRASSHOPPER IS COMING TO HOLD CONCERT BUT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! THEY ARE HOLDING ON THE 30 JUN!!! DAMN BLOODY IT! If I gave birth already, I’m in confinement which means either I’m IMPRISONED or I sneaked out!. And if I haven’t given birth, how to go with that big big tummy?!!! *URGH! TOTALLY FRUSTRATED*

5.00pm: Rashes popping out from all over my body, especially on those areas where there’s friction from the clothes. Itchy…

5.28pm: The lil’ hub never picked up his phone. Hmm… guess he’s tied up again… Wonder what time do I have to wait till today.

5.57pm: All bosses gone… YEAH! But I’ll be here till around 7pm, from my guess. Hmm… what should I do?

6.23pm: Mood on a Friday evening. Too tired. Unable to concentrate even if I stare at my work for hours. Everything in bits and pieces. *YAWN* The lil’ hub is probably still stuck in his office. Desperate for a long hug. Hadn’t been sleeping that well. Shopping doesn’t seem to help. Neither is meeting up with friends. Hmm…

6.47pm: My little milkie… your daddy just called and said he’ll be leaving at 7pm okay, be patient and wait a little while more okay? Mummy feeds you with bread first. *pat pat*

7.00pm: …and the air-con is switched off, on the dot…

7.29pm: As I start looking through (again) at the list of things that I’m suppsoed to do, how I wished the time could stop. Too many things that I want to do but too little time available. Is that how life always is? One more week to the end of March. How much can I achieve?

9.08pm: It seems so quiet without lil’ hub in the house…

11.37pm: Little milkie, I guessed we’ll have to sleep first. Don’t think daddy will be back so early. *Sayang* Goodnight.

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