Thoughts – Train Your Endurance

At 29 years old, it seems like his life finally started to change. For the better? I’m not sure but in my eyes, it’s definitely good training for him. And as much as if you asked me for opinions, I would encourage him (or anyone else) to continue challenging yourself. But of course, beware, know your limits.

Maybe I’m born like this. Or maybe it’s just too coincidental that around me, I’ve got quite a lot of friends who planned their future at a much younger age. And thus, the path that I chose thrown me into situation like that a long time ago, ever since I’m 19.

What situation? Clearing shits, handling pressure and stress from the ever continuous school work.

The 5 years “training” that I received during my University days, indeed, I would say, pay off when I started to work. Endless projects and assignments. Late or even sleepless nights. Work hard but at the same time, we (try to) play hard. It’s fun and hard work at the same time. There’s even quite a few times where I broke down and cry, especially during examinations period when I couldn’t really take the stress. Nonetheless, I’d SURVIVED! And proudly graduated from University.

So now, no matter how bad a job is, it probably didn’t encounter to me that I won’t be able to take the load. In fact, it spurred me to make sure that it gets solved in the end!

But unlike me, the lil’ hub hadn’t had a past like mine. He had a relatively relaxing journey all the way until now. His previous jobs didn’t need him to work from home, basically once he’s off work, he can put all his work at the back of his mind. Now… life is so different…

I look at him, bringing his work back almost every other day. He said that he will go crazy soon if he were to continue in this job. But from my perspective, what I think is, if he survived for this period, maybe for just another 6-12 months, it will be GREAT! As he would have learned a lot, not just in his soft skills, but also in his endurance.

In short, endure and once you survive, you will and be able to survive anywhere. At least, that’s what I think.

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