Blog #0286

7.01am – Time to wake up!

8.42am – On our way to the gynae’s! Yeah! Can finally see my beloved little milkie! Cleared a few things too just now such as washing my new clothes (more coming soon *LOL*) and wiping the stove. Good start for a Saturday.

9.27am – Luckily I grabbed the lil’ hub out earlier. The forgetful pregnant lady had remembered the appointment time wrongly. Oops. I’m weighing at 52kg on a week 24. 8kg increment from the start. Doesn’t seem like a bad progress. 1 month, 2kg… So if this continues constantly, I should weigh about 14kg at the end of it? Hmm… Seems a little too much…? 13kg is accountable for, according to the gynae previously. So how about that additional 1kg? Gee… but I supposed it shouldn’t be difficult to lose that one.

9.48am – Sleeping bug kicking in… The doc just reached about 5 minutes ago and there’s a whole long queue of people in front of me. The lil’ hub came back really late after his long chat with his “gay” friend. Am glad everything seems alright. He should probably just pay more attention to his wife and that should solve all potential issues. I’ll help to do some mind tuning too!

10.44am – Everything is normal, little milkie is healthy, weighing at 717g, definitely within the healthy range! So happy to see her today but she’s rather quiet during the scan, probably having her afternoon nap. Anyway, the EDD is estimated to be on 3 July. The doc said that once baby reach 2.5kg, and if she wants to come out to see the world, it should be alright. And I’m at week 25! 15 more weeks to go! Woohoo!!

1.12pm – Am going back home now, empty-handed *sulk*. Had planned to buy the media player for my sister as last year’s Christmas present (which we owed her till now) and another one for our house. But after a search, it seems like the cheapest we could find was $59. And thus the lil’ hub decided to grab my sister to SLS (Sim Lim Square) the next time round. -.-”’ Then… supposedly we had wanted to recontract our handset but after calling the M1 hotline, the lil’ hub just ain’t please with their service and now we will need to postpone it to either tomorrow or next week. Anyway, the lil’ hub’s too tired to think or do anything. Asking him to use his brain now is like committing suicide. A sleepy man, is a crazy man. Let’s just go home.

4.09pm – OMG! Just woke up for a pee and saw an SMS from my sister. My niece (the little nephew’s sister) probably gotten HFMD too! This is so terrible…

6.45pm – Ordered pizza already. Now am waiting for friends to come but it seems like one of them is still stuck in Sentosa, waiting for a shuttle bus. Hmm… and my mouth tasted so bland. Had my taste buds gone on holiday again?

7.16pm – Still waiting for the friends and none of them turned up yet. So is my pizza… which is the more important one… Hungry… While waiting… let’s try and clear up, and update my blog with my super-outdated posts all the way back to last October! I must had been extremely tied up back then, to accumulate till so many backlogs.

10.08pm – STOP looking at my screen and see what I’m doing! You are totally invading into my privacy! Just watch your tv, okay? *Annoyed*

11.18pm – The sleeping bug caught me. Goodnight world.

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