Blog #0287

4.57am – The lil’ hub finally finished his games of mahjong and is bathing now. Me shall go take a pee since the noises woke me up.

6.01am – Too hungry to continue sleeping. Shall go grab some egg rolls.

6.15am – The problem with light sleepers? You get woken up relatively easy. I’m writting my blog now before the sun rises. I am still sleepy but I just didn’t want to get right back into bed after some snacks. If the lil’ hub sees me like this, he’ll probably termed me ‘Weirdo’ and asked me to go back and sleep.

Suddenly missing the cool weather and life in Taiwan… but the air tickets are so expensive…

9.57am – Received a bad news while I’m lying on my bed. The niece is having a fever of 39.5 degrees and my cousin is sending her to the hospital now. One after another… hope she’s alright soon…

10.38am – Finally dragged myself out of the bed for a while, washed up, drank some water, greeted and had a suddenly-pop-out-of-nowhere conversation with my MIL, rejected all the possible edibles and now I’m back on my bed typing away… feeling a bit moody albeit a Sunday… I wonder why do I still feel so sleepy…

10.57am – Stop looking, wrong. STOP STARRING at what I’m doing or eating. I’m feeling so bloody uncomfortable when you do that, you know?! I NEED SOME SPACE! Urgh… Suddenly regretted from getting out of my bed.

11.29am – Making my blog a little more colourful by putting in some pictures. ^^

1.59pm – I’m not in good mood. For some reasons. So… just stay away and don’t pissed me off.

2.35pm – Half an hour had passed and I still feel as moody. Wished the MIL had gone out somewhere and I could have some time alone with the lil’ hub. At least I get to have some hugs and kisses without any disturbance or in the pathetic space of our bedroom. 2 days where she hadn’t really gone out… 2 days where I see her almost for the whole day… Urgh… This is rather unbearable. And tonight she’s going to have dinner with us. I don’t mind, I’m serious. But that’s provided if she don’t mind having other food other than Chinese food. I’m not in the mood for Chinese nor Western. And my lunch… it’s edible but it doesn’t help (not even a tiny little bit) on my cravings. Probably that explains part of the moodiness – lack of satisfaction.

3.02pm – Hungry already. But with the left over of the lunch still there. It doesn’t seem that nice to cook maggi mee. And after asking my lil’ hub on the opinion of cooking it. Hah. “Macaroni? Got a lot of ingredients what. You really doesn’t like my mum’s cooking huh?”. Firstly, macaroni’s just isn’t my kind of food and has never been. Secondly, more ingredients doesn’t mean it’s tasty to me. FYI, I eat my maggi mee with only an egg. Anything more than that, it’s not maggi mee to me anymore. Thirdly, you are used to your mum’s cooking, just like I’m used to mine, and it’s been almost a week since I last ate at home. Each has their own preference so don’t give me that kind of reply. Anyway, your reply is simply so soothing… Thanks for that. F.

Bloody hell. I’m taking a nap in the room. Hate it when I feel so restricted especially on a day where I’m bloody moody. F again.

3.21pm – You know… It really feels so sian (moody to the extreme) when a lot of things that you want to do, somehow, it doesn’t go your way… I planned to go HK with you only after giving birth, you want to bring your mum along. I don’t feel like eating Chinese food, and you gave me that look because your mum only likes Chinese food. I feel like eating instant noodles and then in the end… *sob*

4.37pm – Heehee… I am really glad you cook the maggi mee for me! Soooooo nice! :p Slightly happier. Mood’s a little better. Would be so much better if can top it up with chocolate ice-cream wrapped with a wholemeal bread! *YUM YUM*

5.02pm – Did my MIL just changed her clothes without closing her door? OMG… O.O”’

5.28pm – (Distracted from the reflections from my kitchen’s glass wall) Walks to the right… Walks to the left… Walks to the right… Stands and looks at the park… Walks to the left… Walks to the right… Walks into the kitchen… Walks, stands and looks at the park…

*In my mind: Oh c’mon… your son is STILL sh*tting. Get your books out to read or do something. He won’t be done anytime soon, yet.*

10.20pm – Yeah! I finally got my new handphone! But it’s just too bad that I couldn’t find any nice cover for it yet. Now, it felt so unprotected and I feel so insecure. No choice, shall need to go around searching for it soon.

Mood’s slightly better after the dinner with my family also. Guess it really makes a difference with your loved ones. When I said I’m moody, my sister will just say, “It’s okay, it’s normal one”. But my idiotic lil’ hub will ask why again and again. Brainless pig. Asked you to start reading up already! It’s like asking girls, “Why are you having menses?”. Crap. And why do you have a dick. Goodness me.

Okay, my mood’s STILL not as good. Shall stop now and focus on my new handphone. Probably that will divert my attention a little. Hmm… but next thing… how am I supposed to get all my contacts back. Gee…

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