Food – Chicken House @ Upper Thomson

I’m not one who is very particular with the food that I eat. As long as it tasted nice, and not too bad nor expensive, I probably won’t mind going back there to eat again.

After the appointment with the gynae, we ended up at 255 Upper Thomson Road for some Kampong Chicken for our lunch. The lil’ hub brought me here as he craves for chicken rice for these few days. Again, it’s weird that it’s not the pregnant lady having the cravings, but instead the hub. Maybe it’s linked and related in a certain way?

Well, I just had my fill and the conclusion that I have? It’s not too bad, and the price is reasonable. The chicken’s meat is very tender and the sauce tasted nice too. Same goes for their chilli, which is a very important complementary sauce for chicken rice. There’s nothing much to the ambience, it’s more of a typical coffeeshop that sells just purely chicken rice.

The only disadvantage was, it’s not really that accessible as there’s no MRT stations around. If you don’t drive, you’ll probably have to take a bus from either Ang Mo Kio or Bishan Station. But even if you drive, the parking doesn’t seem that attractive either.

I would have given this stall an 8.5 out of 10 but alas… just as I was eating half way through… I saw my WORST enemy… A dead black-ish caterpillar that measures at about 5mm, on a piece of leafy vegetable. That does it. The points was deducted and a “JUST PASS” mark was given to this stall, which means there’s quite a high possibility that I won’t think of this stall again.

It’s just too bad, I’m just too fated to “meet” the worms’ family.

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