Blog #0290

9.18am – Upbeat Wednesday!! *Listening to the POP songs* Damn… missed going clubbing… hmm… Need to think of something to “fulfill” this “craving”. *LOL*

11.18am – Just came back from the ladies, and the cleaning lady commented that my tummy is big for a 6-month. Hmm… is it, really? Why do I heard so many people telling me that my tummy is big? But… but… little milkie weighs only at 717g? O.O

My energy for today had been depleted. It seems like my Trimester 2 is ending soon as I’m starting to feel the fatigue again. Slightly different from Trimester 1. Now, I’ve got the extra weight, which makes the whole thing even worse. I can finally (more or less) fully understand why people kept telling me that the last 3 months will be much worse…

2.12pm – Back from an extremely full and satisfying lunch that cost only $2.50. Where? At the canteen in my building. The only stall that is edible – handmade noodles. *LOL*

Well, it’s definitely a really late lunch. Of course it is… due to the Watson’s preview sales for members. Oh yes, I know, it’s bad… that my lunch today is almost 2.5 hours. But no worries, I’ll make up to it! In fact, yesterday and the day before, I already did by staying in the office till a bit later. Hmm… so that should do right? Luckily my boss isn’t back yet. Okay, time to start work. No more spending time on this at the moment.

3.25pm – Suddenly another load came in… Sigh… I haven’t even finished clearing those that are still outstanding, and now… BUT it’s alright, at least I’ll get to be a little bit more free next week since the bosses won’t be around. ^^

4.50pm – Seriously don’t feel like doing work anymore. I’m really very tired and sleepy. And talking to one of the nearest PMs proves to be really exhaustive. But I think he’s not the worst, if you know who I’m referring to.

And I think pregnant lady really shouldn’t carry things that are too heavy. I just did for not too long a period, and somewhat can feel the strain on my legs. Hmm… time to pee. Again.

11.49pm – Finally back home on my comfy bed after a sleepy day. As usual, I’m always greeted with surprises. Today it proves no difference… The plastic bag of the bread was not secured with the clip, instead tied into a knot (what the hell!). Bits of rice covered the sink (OMG… Can’t she washed it off instead of letting it dried in the sink?). And the stove is, again, somehow covered with some stains (Gosh…). I’m too picky. I am very sure about that but… thats what maintenance is all about!

Never mind. Shall rest my brain and stay in the bedroom, my sanctuary. And little milkie’s daddy is reading the stories to her (finally) now. Glad today he didn’t play with his new toy – the iPhone 4GS.

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