Shopping – Watsons @ NEX

GOOD JOB! I just spent the past 1 hour shopping, queueing and paying for my necessities, and waiting for the shuttle bus! And the bravo thing is… I HAVEN’T HAD MY LUNCH YET! Great… nice one… *LOL*

There’s the “Preview Sale” for Watsons’s Member today, and it’s ONLY today. So, like an auntie (and I think I’m really becoming more and more like one), I went to NEX alone during my lunch time, just to see if I can get some good offers on the things that I’m aiming for, which is actually just ONE – my SUKIN organic shampoo.

From afar as I walked towards Watsons, I thought to myself – “It’s not too bad, not really a lot of crowd”. But as I stepped into the shop, I realised I’m wrong. The queue is already there, making a small “S”, with an “L” tail. And so, without thinking for too long, I grabbed the plastic bag that the lady offered and went on my shopping.

Firstly, I saw the mouthwash priced at $7.50 for 2, half of the normal price. Seriously, I’m not sure what is the usual price but the last that I bought from my orthodontist cost me $4 per bottle, and that is somewhat the cheapest I could find. And so, I just grabbed it and threw into the plastic bag. Then I headed on to the SUKIN shelves and tada! 15% discount! Immediately, I grabbed one big bottle of shampoo, one big bottle of conditioner and one big bottle of body wash and URGH. I didn’t realise that my plastic bag was so heavy.

I reckoned that I won’t be able to carry anymore things and thus I just headed straight for the queue and that’s it. I spent less than 10 minutes shopping, and 40 minutes queueing up to pay. How much did I save? $38.50! *LOL*

And in order to catch the shuttle bus (since it’s almost 1.05pm), and save money on the cab, I skipped my lunch and dashed for the queue on the shuttle bus back to office.

WOW, bravo, ain’t I? But luckily, I’m not the only pregnant lady that’s there in the sale. The lady in front of me is pregnant too! And she did buy quite a bit also. The only problem now that I’m on my way back to office is… how am I going to bring all these back home? Hmm…


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