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9.09am – Woo… my admin is finally back at work after a 3-days MC. I just hope she really totally recovered and won’t pass the virus to me. I’m relatively weak, I admit. Anyway, am glad that she’s back.

Saw the invitation by my boss for discussion on the procedures this afternoon. Damn. I really got no time to rest. Second quarter is ending soon. I would say… I haven’t done much on those goals that I set at the start of this quarter. Why? Because I’m bombarded with sudden requests on reports, and more reports. I think I did at least 3 reports. Sigh…

Spending a bit of time to plan my things now first…

  1. Update this blog – 68 more articles to update and publish
  2. Calculate my cashflow for April
  3. Decide on cordblood banking
  4. Set up the network at home
  5. Read up and register the points for 20 modules for PMP – 6 read and registered
  6. Read up and register the points for the seminar for PMP
  7. Start working on the writing course
  8. Create Midd and friends
  9. Create cranky fashion website
  10. Start baking/cooking fortnightly
  11. Read up and practise on face reading
  12. Plan for Europe tour (honeymoon!)
  13. Update picture blog
  14. Create video for CNY2012
  15. Find 2 photos for keychain
  16. Change battery for the 2 watches
  17. List down the chinese characters – yin & yang
  18. Buy media player for sis and house
  19. Join Primary School alumni
  20. Finish knitting the scarf
  21. Photocopy confinement recipe book (2 sets)
  22. Develop photos for MIL and mum (leftovers)
  23. Restart and revamp my Shop @ WDL
  24. Download and transfer music to Mp3 player
  25. Get baby clothes from Ah Liang
  26. Diet plan
  27. Photo taking on pregnancy – misslittlerabbit (weekend)
  28. Buy bean sprout pillow
  29. Buy latex baby mattress – babysafe (Kiddy Palace)
  30. Google and try using Wii as media player
  31. Call Rick to fix piping after HDB fixed it
  32. Lil’ hub to throw and buy pants
  33. Fix the downlight at entrance
  34. Change sofa towel, febreeze the sofa pillow, change bedsheet, change bedsheet cloth, wipe stove and kitchen top, dust shelves
  35. Pay bill for UOB credit card
  36. Buy honey and bring to office
  37. Buy bread, cheese and pork floss
  38. Buy red wine for DW
  39. Ask what sis want for birthday
  40. Transfer money for misslittlerabbit
  41. Finish reading and return the NLB books
  42. To plan (after baby born): holiday to claim $504, diet
  43. To buy (after baby born): medela breast pump
  44. Review the current IT Application Procedures (SDLC)
  45. Touch up on the orientation slides for IT staffs
  46. Create FAQ documents for Clarity – Process and Procedures
  47. Assess the suitability of Sharepoint for Project/Incident Management
  48. Read up on sharepoint
  49. Document SOP for PMO routine tasks (for backup)
  50. Re-create the approver for the workflow of projects – debug
  51. Ensure that the Dev server got backup and kept for 2 years from now
  52. Refresh Dev with the Prod data
  53. Create requirements and solutioning document for all reports – daily, weekly, S5
  54. Quarterly report for individual
  55. Photoshop the group photo – left shadow
  56. Clean up data
  57. Remove Project S5 from normal S5 calculation and update S5 report
  58. Modified to a more meaningful Clarity notification
  59. Ensure that all key projects are created in Clarity including the documents e.g. project plan

10.16am – Some people just don’t really understand simple English, don’t they? One at a time… one at a time…

10.42am – Yeah! I managed to remove the small piece of dirt from my belly button! Now it’s extremely cleaned! *LOL* The ballooning of the tummy had somehow pushed the belly button out and thus able to see the dirts that’s been accumulating inside for not sure how many years. Removed the bigger piece yesterday night, and now the small one. *LOL* I like that clean clean feeling… *Going insane from the work*

12.21pm – Damn it! Accidentally withdraw $1,000 out from my bank. Urgh… I need it to return my bill later… Sigh… $2066.52… How did I ever spend so much… Bank empty empty again. *bleh*

2.10pm – Back from lunch. Calculated a bit of my finance. Think I’m a bit shortage of money this month. Did I spend a little too much?

2.40pm – OH MY GOD! Did my little milkie “ate” my lozenges??? I was trying to eat my herbal lozenges which is greenish in colour. But as I took it out from the wrapper, I accidentally dropped it, and it fell onto my dress… and… I thought it’s on my dress but I couldn’t find it. So I searched the floor and I couldn’t find it. Then I stood up and search my dress (plain and same colour as the lozenges), the chair, the floor and the area 2m away from my seat and I COULDN’T FIND THE LOZENGES! The last I’d seen the lozenges was… it passed by my tummy…

Little milkie… did you take it? O.O”’

4.16pm – Almost felt asleep at the HR training just now. Gee… and it’s freaking cold now. Lucky I brought my thicker jacket today.

9.34pm – Back home! Early right? Yes yes.. Just had a nice and filling dinner with the lil’ hub at Kovan. Ate the fish head soup and am now extremely full. Going to rest a while before going to bathe and then after that to clear some of my TO-DOs. Will try and rest earlier too. Goodnight to all!

11.34pm – Okay, I lied. Ended up updating the website of my shop. Time to restart after the long ONE YEAR PAUSE!


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