Blog #0292

6.05am – Never slept well and now I’m awake. Not that I’m not sleepy but the sleeping angle doesn’t seem right again. Luckily today is a Friday.

7.27am – I can confirm that I’m in a bad mood due to the lack of sleep. Stay away…

8.01am – Met a stupid couple at the car park’s lift.

Scenario (5 person, including me and lil’ hub standing there):

Wife: Is that xxx crying?
Hub: (talks sternly with an attitude, facing the door of the lift) Yes. Ignore him.
Wife: Oh my god, he’s crying so badly…
Hub: Told you to ignore him.
Wife ignores the hub and walks to the door of the child care centre.
Hub: (louder and more stern than before – almost shouting) I said IGNORE him already. The more you see, the louder he cries!
Wife: (happily walks back, still smiling) He’s still crying.
Hub: Then you bring him back home. But after that don’t complain. Any problems, you settle on your own.
Wife still smiling (for don’t know what reason). At the same time, the door of the lift opened and they both went in. The hub pressed on “6” and both went straight IN to the end of the small lift. I walked in shortly after them and was almost crushed by the lift’s door.

STUPIDITY 1: The hub shouldn’t have raise his voice and disgrace both himself and his wife in the public. It’s damn bloody rude! Attitude problem.

STUPIDITY 2: I simply have no idea why the wife is still smiling away when she’s being reprimanded. Should have stopped whatever stupid thing that she is doing and shut her husband up, at the very least.

STUPIDITY 3: The wife is definitely brainless. And with no figure. It’s true that one shouldn’t keep on looking at his/her kid if they want to let him/her get used to a surrounding. No wonder the husband was so pissed off.

STUPIDITY 4: I just hate people who went into the lift, and never pressed on the “Door Open” button. So bloody no manners at all. Yes, I like that advertisements where it showed a parent, seeing their child graduate with TOP grades, but then realised that they never taught their child ONE thing – moral education/courtesy. The child ended up sweeping the floor for littering. Bravo! I have a feeling I’m going to see a lot of such children soon because we have such brainless and lack of courtesy parents! WELCOME TO THE NEW MILLENIUM!

2012 December 20th, end of the world? No, it probably just meant it’s the end of humanism.

9.52am – Sucks…

12.44pm – Yeah… SIMPLY great… I’m stuck in my mum’s house… It’s still so hot when I came out of the office… -.-”’

1.47pm – Back in office and met another 3 ignorant youngsters who went into the lift, pressed the level that they are going and went straight right into the back of the lift. Sigh… Couldn’t someone just volunteer themselves to press the “Door Open” button?

2.21pm – The time passes really slowly today…

3.06pm – Work… seems endless… and it continues to come in…

3.23pm – I just came back from the restroom and guess what I saw? A piece of bread on top of the toilet holder in the cubicle (that I went into) of a toilet. Why would anyone put it there anyway? O.o?

4.25pm – Did my appetite increase? *Recalling what I’d ate today thus far…* one cup of milk, one tau sar bao, one pandan cake, porridge lunch at home, one bread with cheese and pork floss, one cup of redoxon, and now one cup of milo with 6 cream crackers. Is that too much?

5.41pm – CRAP! I spent 3 days trying to do this stupid workflow and now it gave me one error which can’t be solved! The ONLY solution is to redo it… CRAP! I’m going home! After I try to see if I can fix it for another 10 minutes. What a stupid Friday!

11.45pm – Weekend is here but is it going to be as moody as the last? I’m lying on my bed now but yet I don’t feel any peace within myself at all. Problems at work and at home, it’s not problem-free either. The MIL had bought and refilled the detergent which… I actually already got one. But funnily she just threw the left over refillable packet in the sink. As usual, sink ain’t clean. Sigh… And much to my anticipation, she really bought the bread! Should have told her not to get it as we don’t eat breads on weekends… And there’s a possibility that I can’t wash the towel for the sofa tomorrow as the MIL is drying her bed sheet with 3 poles… What’s adding on top of all these? Water is leaking somewhere in my master bedroom’s toilet and now the wall is wet. Either the HDB or contractor will have to fix it but it’s taking up our time!! Sometimes, all these really doesn’t help in pressing down those hormones that’s causing some chaos in my emotions…

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