Thoughts – Avoiding the Conflicts (with MIL)

Sometimes I wonder, why do I have to do my household chores so sneakily?

It’s still before 9am, and I’m already awake and had changed and washed the sofa towel, and it’s hanging now to dry. “Febreezed” the sofa pillows, wiped and cleaned the stove and kitchen top, as well as dusted the shelves around the house.

But why? It’s drizzling now and the weather is so nice to sleep and yet I’m not lying cozily on my bed with the lil’ hub on a Saturday morning…

The reason is simple… it’s purely because I want to avoid any conflict or misunderstanding with the MIL, at least I try…

Put it this way, the MIL is at home almost everyday and doing the household chores. But it’s just that the level of expectations and standards that we both have are somewhat different – mine higher. I did try and close my eyes for a lot of things. But when it comes to cleanliness, I think I’m relatively used to the kind of standards that I’d been living for the past 30 years.

I can honestly tell you that I’d taken it for granted when I’m staying at my parents’ house. Waking up everyday to a clean and neat (other than my own room which is a little messy) home, just because my parents had been doing it in the background all these years. Now that I have a house of my own, and that I’m living with the lil’ hub and his mum, things just seem so different.

Firstly, the way my MIL do things, I would say, at least 70% is different from how my mum used to do it. There’s nothing wrong and it’s absolutely normal. But to ask me to adjust to that 70% is really too much, and so what I can do is to come to somewhere in the mid-way. And to be fair, I’ll need my MIL to adjust too. And for those that she couldn’t adjust or not up to my level, that’s where the “sneakiness” comes in.

I can’t possibly tell her to do this and that, after all, she’s not the maid. But it doesn’t seem that nice to do it in front of her because that would simply just say “Hey, you ain’t doing a good job”. And so, like today… I woke up at 7am+ after hearing the noises that indicated that my MIL is awake, and I secretly pray that she would go out so that I can start doing my chores. Gladly, she did today. *LOL* And so I’M AWAKE!

Sigh… life can be so… xxxx-ing stupid at times…


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