Food – Burger King @ Compass Point

Had wanted to order McDelivery using the iPhone application that I’d downloaded last night but alas, as I tried this morning, it says “No delivery to this address”. Great. It’s not as if I’m staying at some deserted area. Sigh… Anyway, my whole plan changed and now we are at the Burger King located at basement one of Compass Point. No no, I would have still chosen McDonald’s breakfast if not for the unavailability of the seats (imagine how PACKED it is). So we ended up at the fast food restaurant beside (i.e. Burger King), which I would say, was packed too. Luckily and thankfully the lil’ hub managed to grab a seat when a family left. Otherwise, today, I’ll be having noodles as my breakfast already.

Jesus… I’m only trying to have a breakfast, is it really that difficult? Seriously, I doubt it’s true that Singaporeans are not earning much nor enough. It’s either that is not true, or I’m only seeing that bunch of people who are earning slightly more (excluding me).

Enough of the complaints and now it’s back to the food. It’s been quite a while since I’d had Burger King’s breakfast. And when the lil’ hub asked me what I wanted for breakfast, I only told him I wanted the one that looks like Big Breakfast. And as much as I can recall, there IS one such meal in Burger King. But when he pointed out to the menu at the counters, somehow I just couldn’t find what I usually ate. And so, I just told him to get this meal – French Toast Meal.

Verdict? Hmm… it actually tasted quite good! But it cost slightly less than S$7 for this whole meal, which included 2 pieces of french toast coated with sugar icing, scramble eggs, half a (juicy) tomato, a piece of┬ásausage, a pack of hashbrowns and a packet of milk. Honestly, it’s not really that expensive to me though the lil’ hub was complaining that it cost more compared to the McDonald’s.

Well, if I’m the one eating alone, I might actually visit Burger King again. After all, sometimes, it’s a bit boring to keep on eating the same kind of breakfast right?

That’s it! I definitely had a satisfying breakfast. Now it’s time to clear some of the things that I planned to do!

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