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8.47am – It’s another NEW week and THANKFULLY it’s going to be really short! Good Friday is on this Friday and Wednesday I’m taking a day off to go for my FIRST, EVER ANTENATAL COURSE, whatever that means, with the lil’ hub.

It’s a really difficult day to get up today¬†as the weather is sooooooo nice, after raining for the whole night, and drizzling still in the morning. Moreover, I slept late at around almost 12.30am after picking up some baby clothes from a distant relative nearby. And with the air-condition switched on last night¬†that makes the whole room especially cooling, it sure eliminates any thoughts of bringing myself to get up.

Oh well, life is still the same. My MIL woke up early as usual but today, instead of exercising (she can’t since it’s raining), she woke up to wash the clothes instead. Sigh… felt so imbalance… Anyway, over the weekend, I managed to clear quite a bit of things but one thing I realised is that, I guess I’ll have to wipe the stove weekly from now on. Don’t ask me why, I think you probably knew the answer. And whatever… I’m starting my Monday now! Plan first, work later. Today is a no-boss(es) day!

9.49am – A friend complaining about her hub not helping her taking care of the baby… Hope she’s alright. Guys, if you every want to have kids, please please, take care of your wives’ feelings too. She might be tired and stressed out. If you don’t intend to help, then don’t have kids please…

10.23am – Okay… give up… Had intended to find an extension that list out my TO-DOs, so that I don’t have to “re-list” it again and again but couldn’t find anything nice. Think I’ll have to try something simple QUICK before my work starts piling up again… (Boss had sent email to me, to ask me to do something, even when she’s overseas) -.-”’

2.21pm – I bought my NB diapers! 2 packets some more – one is drypers, which I got it from NTUC at $6.95 (monthly promotion), and another is pampers, which I got it from Sheng Siong at $6.95 too! Seems like pampers are much more cheaper in Sheng Siong.

Ate Long John Silvers just now for lunch. Would have eaten Yoshinoya, if not for the suddenly long queue. Anyway, I think I need to stop eating all the fast food. Hadn’t been eating that healthily recently. Need to STOP!

Now, it’s time to do serious work.

3.24pm – This is getting boring… Same repeated actions… Select, copy, paste, search, copy, paste, repeat. 500 more to go… *Yawn* I hate the stupid system.

4.07pm – Let’s take a 10 minutes break… Why am I more busy when my boss is not around? -.-”’

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