Blog #0295

8.28am – It’s auditing time, and I realised I HATE auditing, because I need to extract a lot of data. And honestly, it probably won’t really be a problem, and I won’t HATE it so much if not for the system. Switched on my computer and received an email from my boss asking a query on one ticket. It’s then that I realised that there’s some problems with the system. Hmm… now I’m wondering the accuracies of all those reports that I’d done previously using the export function of the application. Damn it. I hate to use my brain too early in the morning. My brain HASN’T WAKE UP YET! *In frustrated mode*

9.28am – This doesn’t seem like that good a day… And I thought I’ll be more relax when the bosses are not around BUT… there’s audit, and the system going down again… and then… suddenly the small little things start creeping behind you without you noticing it. Sigh…

5.40pm – CRAP! I just spent my whole day searching for the stupid tables! Luckily I’ve got a really helpful colleague. Otherwise it would probably had been worse. Now… *contemplating to do everything in office first before going back, or bring the lappie back to continue*

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