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9.34am – It’s really a good night sleep, in the right position, with the right temperature, environment and bed. Switched on air-condition last night and pulled the curtains up so that the sun doesn’t woke either of us up. Though I’m slightly awake at 8am+ but I managed to keep myself on bed till now. We both are on leave today (and thank goodness for that) so that we don’t have to rush to our first antenatal course later.

Yesterday’s cracking of my brain at work seriously drained and used up my brain cells. Went back to my mum’s house and managed to pack and sort out the baby clothes – tons of it. But with all those clothes, I think I really can save the money for other things. Had also made a list of baby things to buy before I start to clear my mind and prepare for the arrival of little milkie. So far so good, today seems good. ^^

10.19am – Planning to bake cupcakes instead for a friend’s birthday this coming Friday. This is going to be fun! Hurray! Now… how should we go about decorating it? And… I think I’ll need to get the mixers and miscellaneous tools required from my Godmum. And… not forgetting my little book of cupcake recipe!

10.44am – Heehee MIL is back from buying the breakfast. Relatively peaceful these days as I think I’m getting a little bit more used to her “habits” and the little secretive things that I need to do every now and then. Oh well… Anyway, our wedding photos for her distribution are ready and she sorted it out earlier in the morning just now. Good for her (and me too). At least it’s another thing down.

11.21am – It’s so difficult to think of a name for little milkie… I’m running out of ideas…

12.14pm – Today is INDEED a GOOD day! My package had FINALLY arrived! After waiting for it for almost 2 weeks until my neck is almost as long as a giraffe. Good timing. Just nice to pass it to my friend since she’s coming on Friday. Should I open it now? *GRINNING*

12.33pm – Time to go bathe and prepare to go out. Where? I don’t know but just don’t feel like wasting my leave just by staying at home.

12.58pm – Bathed and wearing a new top, which I bought from This Fashion quite a long time ago! Talking about This Fashion… hmm… those chain stores all closed down? I don’t seem to see any of the branches around… (and the lil’ hub is still surfing the internet, as usual… so slow…)

2.15pm – I’m finally out! And a stupid friend of mine commented that I introduced a Chinese physician to him, and asked me what happened if he died. WTF. I’m still alive… HELLO! Sigh… Can’t stand him at times.

3.47pm – Back at my mum’s house. Took the cupcake recipe book. Took the mixer. Took some of my clothes back. Anything else? Otherwise… let’s play with my little nephew! Sooooo cuuuuttee!

5.20pm – Damn it! Got a summon of $6! Only passed 20 minutes! Damn it.

6.06pm – We are soooo early… am now at the first antenatal course with the lil’ hub. Today, the course will be about food and nutrition. Hmm… am I eating right and healthily?

8.03pm – Alright. We just finished the first lesson. So did I learn anything? Well, the snacks (tuna and cheese sandwich) wasn’t too bad. The lil’ hub commented that the orange juice is somewhat diluted though. Otherwise… okay, am in the healthy weight gain range. And hopefully for the last 2-3 months, I can continue to maintain it. Think I haven’t been eating that much vegetables nor fruits, according to the food pyramid. And lastly… and sadly… I really need to stop eating all those fast-food. Sigh… I think it’s a lot easier during the first 3 months, where I simply don’t have the appetite to eat fried food.

Anyway, after the dietitian had ended her presentation, a lady from Stemcord came to show us some of the benefits of cordblood banking. Seriously and honestly, she sucked to the CORE! I’ll give her a 0.5 out of 10 for overall presentation. I think her company just sabotaged her. Sigh… wonder if anyone would EVER want to sign up with Stemcord if she’s the one giving presentations to people everywhere.

8.55pm – The lil’ hub is at the car workshop, checking the battery of the car. Guess what? The technicians are so high tech! All they need is just a meter, plugged it into the car, and then they choose the model etc. from the meter and TADA! The meter will actually state what is wrong! Jesus! Technology rocks!

9.26pm – And I thought the size of the mattress for the different brands of playpens should be more or less quite standard? Hmm…

9.43pm – Soup noodle for dinner… Healthier… Healthier… Ask for more vegetables… Healthier… Healthier…

10.30pm – Just ONE day, a week… I hope I don’t need to come back home to do (at the very least) any of the following: (1) wash the sink because there’s pieces of left over food in it; (2) adjust the floor mat on the kitchen floor that is crumpled and kicked to a corner; (3) wipe the stove due to some stains; (4) close the door of the home shelter properly; (5) close the door of my vanity cabinet in the correct manner.

11.44pm – In the study room with the lil’ hub, blowing my hair dry and complaining about my day. Of course, enjoying the kicks from little milkie!

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