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A GOOD FRIDAY and a happy holiday to all! Half the day is already gone and I hope that everyone is enjoying this day.

Well, I had a really “eventful” day from the morning till now. As usual, I woke up early and sneakily did my household chores while my MIL is out exercising at the park. And then after that, I FINALLY open the package of clothes which I received a few days ago – bought from Mayuki (Online Store). To be honest, I am rather impressed by their packaging, quality and workmanship of the apparels. By far, it’s one of the best online store that I bought the clothes from. And amazingly, more than half of them, I can actually wear it now! That’s a really plus point. When I have the time, I’ll talk about that online store – Mayuki. It’s a relatively great one, that’s all I can say as of now.

Alright, the next came the the drama a little. Was having my breakfast of roti prata when the lil’ hub came back and I had a little tiff with him. I guess it’s partly due to my hormones, and partly it’s just my character, I never like people to raise their voice at me. And that stupid brainless lil’ hub of mine, somehow did that and sparked off a series of arguments after he called me “Crazy”, and furthermore EARLY in the morning. FYI, don’t pissed me off before noon, I’m not fully awake and thus my level of tolerance is not at it’s max yet. Well, after some crying, and he waking up his idea knowing that I’m not giving in, he gave in. Again, stupid brainless lil’ hub to raise his voice out of nothing and calling me “Crazy”. Put it this way, why would anyone want to exercise on the carpet, especially when drops of sweat is going to start staining it? *Scratch head* Sometimes I really wonder which planet he’s from… probably a planet called “Dirty-lazy-and messy-like-sh*t Planet”

Never mind about that. Luckily after that, it’s a series of funs and more funs. It’s the time for baking! BUT I haven’t bought the ingredients yet. So though it’s raining quite heavily, the lil’ hub and I still went to the NTUC at our carpark to buy it. I would say it’s really convenient to have a supermarket so near to your house. And luckily again, I managed to buy all the things that I wanted to. With the rain so heavy, our legs were all wet and guess what? It’s almost flooding at some point at one of the drains in another block! I wondered what’s wrong with the sewage systems these days…

So… Yes, it’s the first time I’m baking using my new built-in oven! And the results? FANTASTIC! It’s been such a long time since I bake using a built-in oven and the effect is really damn good! And what’s even more fun? I finally tried my first icing buttercream! And then we decorated the cupcakes a little. Now I’m so tempted to DIY my little milkie’s full month cake!! …Wonder if I have the time to do it…

Anyway, the lil’ hub had been playing PS3 with his friend all these while, and now I’m dead beat – aching arms and legs (after mixing and washing the things, and standing for too long). Going to start preparing to go out soon.

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