Food – River Palace @ Riverview Hotel

I seriously have no idea where is Riverview Hotel, when my friend first mentioned that today, we will be going there for dinner buffet, to celebrate his birthday. A search on the google map shows that it’s located near to King’s Centre, along Havelock Road but yet another friend told me that it’s in Chinatown. So after confirming with the friend who made the booking, it’s definitely at Havelock Road, just opposite Miramar Hotel, and beside King’s Centre – the area where I always find it totally inaccessible due to the lack of MRT.

But nonetheless, I’m here! With the lil’ hub and his friends. Managed to find our way here, but the carpark was full by the time we reached at about 7.15pm. So in the end, we parked at King’s Centre instead ($4 per entry after 7pm, on public holidays).

Well, it was a relatively old hotel, especially if you are looking at the building from the outside. The internal ain’t as bad. River Palace restaurant is located on the 2nd level of the hotel. We went to the wrong one, thinking that it was an International Buffet (level 1).

Anyway, once we reached there, we started ordering the food. It was an ala carte Chinese Buffet, which cost about $40 per pax. But currently there’s a promotion – 4 person for the price of 3, in short, 3 free 1. There were a total of 10 of us, so 2 ate for “free”, and after dividing the total cost equally among all, it cost around $40 per pax. Expensive or cheap?

Let’s see… the quantity of the food is still relatively alright. So are the varieties. As for the taste, hmm… to me, probably it’s due to the restrictions that I had, somehow, probably only half of it tasted nice, otherwise, it’s just so-so. If you like salmon sashimi, it might be quite a nice place as that is free-flow.

The service is alright only. I mean… the waiters and waitresses are nice but there seems to be too little of them to go around all the tables. So in the end, a lot of times, we need to wait for quite a bit.

Oh yes! Not forgetting that… they gave us carpark vouchers after that. Claimable for $3 but too bad… we didn’t park our car there. Sigh…

P/S: Almost forgotten to mention that I saw my “best” friend in the broccoli that I had wanted to eat. Light yellow, 5cm long, 2mm thick, with a small little black eye. *TOTALLY GROSSED OUT*

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