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1.18pm – Sometimes I’m not trying to be picky but sigh, talking to my MIL and getting something into her brain can be quite taxing… Told her before not to sun the undies in the living room’s window grills but alas, I saw it again. Now I’m thinking if she actually still continues to does that when we are not at home (just now me and the lil’ hub are both in the room taking a short nap)

It’s so bloody unsightly and to me, there’s only 2 groups of people that will do such things – no or lowly educated OR people from China. And thanks to the lil’ hub for pointing at his mum when I told him this =.=”’ *speechless*

What’s the point of staying in a nice house and hanging the ‘flag’ there? It’s worst than a dead pixel on a monitor (although it’s somewhat equally bad to me). Seeing such things just simply made me so irritated and feels like getting out of this house. “No-eye-see”.

Imagine¬†you opening the door for your contractors and then turning around to see straight at the windows, the ‘beautiful flag’ hanging nicely (widely spread across) on your windows. WTF. I’m only thankful that it’s not RED colour. Sigh… that’s how the scenario is like 15 minutes ago. *Totally embarassed*

1.26pm – YES! My sister coming to pick me up and bringing me to my mum’s house. Sooooo nice… At least I won’t be stuck at home with the lil’ hub sleeping (he came back only at 8am this morning after playing a whole night of wrestling on the PS3 at his friend’s house yesterday night) and seeing my MIL KLKK (walk here walk there in Hokkien).

4.15pm – It’s so fun watching how my little nephew told his story of how he (and my mum) chased after the lizard in the house that day. I would say, he is really quite bright and smart. Good. Hope my little milkie is equally bright, if not brighter! Anyway, he’s more or less quite steady in his walking. Now, we will need to ‘teach’ him how to talk… This is so fun!

8.49pm – Finally saw my lil’ hub after a whole day. Going for ‘dinner’ now with him and the MIL. Doubt she can go library at this time. Think it’s already closed. Oh well, tomorrow I guess, at least there’s something for her to do.

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