Thoughts – The Last Mile

It’s been a long journey… No, in fact, it felt so short! And just a glimpse of the eyes, I’m two-third done and am on my way to the last mile of my first pregnancy! *Call for a celebration! CHEERS!*

So far so good, and thank God for that, both the baby and the mummy is healthy and (hopefully) happy. Though life had been a little dull for the mum these days, she did manage to try something out to ‘spice’ up her life, such as doing up her shop (slowly), and some other little things that she had wanted to do and try for a long time (her goals).

Well, so how’s the journey so far? FANTASTIC! I would say, I’m amazed almost every single day, from the good night’s sleep, to the not so good. And then the sudden ‘kicks’ and probably ‘hiccups’. Aches and pains, healed and formed at another place – areas which I never thought of. Itches around the tummy as the skin started to stretch. Tummy getting bigger as the day goes by. And then at times, you can feel it heavier. The reactions of little milkie at times when you talk to her, the bedtime stories and songs, and so many more…

Am I prepared? Honestly, probably I’m not. The thought of delivering the baby, the pains that I’d heard so many had mentioned, I am, not ready. But am I looking forward to it? Yes, I definitely am looking forward to the day where I can carry little milkie in my arms. And I definitely am curious how she looks like – the daddy or mummy? Or maybe even the auntie? A mixture of it?

Bonding? Not really. If you were to ask me, till now, probably the times where I felt bondings between me and little milkie is only either when I’m feeling really happy and laughing my way out, or when I’m feeling sad, where I can feel that she’s crying with me too.

Nonetheless, it still feels wonderful, to have a baby inside you. Something which a daddy could never understand.

MUMMY’s POWER! Ganbatte! Less than 3 months to seeing little milkie in action! I really wonder if it’s going to be the same date as either my English or Lunar birthdate. That will be really interesting. And somehow, I just have a feeling that she’ll be out early by at least a week. Too eager to see mummy and daddy too, is it, little milkie?

Love ya! ~ Mummy & Daddy *Will continue to think of a really nice name for you… and planning a nice little full month celebration…* 

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