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Savouring my last cupcake (with bits of hersheys chocolate in it) that I made on Friday as I sat down to rest after clearing a few things. The lil’ hub is again, busy working. Good or bad? I really am not too sure. Again, as I probably mentioned previously, it’s good training for him, but as his wife, I need to be really understanding, especially on a bored Sunday such as this, where I’m (again) stuck at home. But am thankful that at the very least, the MIL is not around KLKK-ing again. THAT, gives me a little more privacy between me and the lil’ hub.

Inspired? Somewhat am. Proposed to the lil’ hub about my idea. He agreed but I’m not sure if he did think properly, or is it just on the spur of thought to get out of his job. Nonetheless, will try and plan for it. After all, that had been one of my goals.

*Taking the last bite* I have to do it! Can’t possibly remain like this for the rest of my life. Let’s start clearing my current TO-DOs so that I can list out NEW ONES!

At 5.28pm… YEAH! It’s already so late! Do you think I really still feel like going out at such late hours? Sigh… My weekend is just GONE like that… GREAT… I think somewhat I’m beginning to prefer weekdays, where I don’t have to be “imprisoned” in a small area… Yes, you bring work back home to do. Fine. But you don’t do that for BOTH days…

10 more questions + 1 shower… let’s see… I think I’ll only be able to go OUT of this house EARLIEST at 7pm. Great. Simply great.

Work – Life – Balance. Totally OFF! Don’t force me to start bringing my work back home too. Once I start, I’m not going to stop. And your life at home will be work and work only. Wonderful.

6.28pm – I really am so not in the mood to go out already. And the constant starring at the computer for the past 4 hours is starting to give me headaches already. Thanks. Sigh… somehow I missed my life back in the past, other than the fact that I’m glad to have little milkie now. At least, no matter how bored it is back at mum’s house, it could never be as bad as this… ~ from an extremely grumpy, moody and bored wife.

7.41pm – Like a prisoner, finally being ‘unleashed’ out and breathing some fresh air… I’M OUT! Currently having a wonderful and sumptious dinner at Nando’s at Plaza Singapura. I’m so freaking hungry! And the lil’ hub is going to pay for everything tonight for making me so bored and moody for this whole weekend! *LOL* Time to enjoy…

9.32pm – We are eating again! At Cafe Cartel now, having a Hazelnut Chocolate Cake & Strawberry Cheesecake. Life’s good… 50% after 9pm for desserts, FYI.

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