Movie – Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of us all? Familiar? Well, I bet you know it. It’s from the fairytale – SNOW WHITE!

I just finished watching “Mirror mirror” with the lil’ hub at Plaza Singapura, starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen. The storyline is more or less still the same except now this movie had been made into a comedy. And yes, indeed, it is rather funny.

The story begans a narration from the evil queen, telling us the fairytale, which basically is… Snow White was borned, then the king looked after her alone. And then the kingdom was very prosperous till the evil queen came, and she used magic to mesmerized the king. Then one fine day, black magic engulfed the whole country and the king went to kill a beast in the forest. That’s where he never came back. Snow White was them locked in the tower, and the evil queen took over and ruled the country.

As time goes by, Snow White (starring Lily Collins) finally┬áturned 18 and with the encouragement from the kitchen helpers, she sneaked out of the castle. And on the way, she met the Prince, who happened to be in distress, after being robbed by the 7 dwarves. That was when “love at first sight” took place. But as they were going towards the opposite directions, they parted without saying much.

The prince then went to the castle and the evil queen met the handsome prince. Knowing that he’s young, handsome and rich, the evil queen had an evil thought – marry the prince so as to clear her debts. Thus, she ordered her servant to collect more taxes in order to hold a party for the prince. It was then, that Snow Whilte managed to sneak into the party, met the prince, and got found out by the evil queen, who ordered her servant to kill her in the woods. But as a servant who had been treated well by the late king, he left her in the woods alive, and asked her to just run, as far away as possible. That’s also where the “actions” started…

A very simple and known storyline with some little twists in it, and a lot of funny things happening. Overall, it’s good for both the adults and the children since it’s funny and not violent at the same time.

The costumes that the casts wore, I believe, had been carefully designed too.

Good. Definitely can watch in the cinema! 4 out of 5. I LIKE!

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