Shopping – Spotlight @ Plaza Singapura

Yeah! I bought the yarns for little milkie’s blankie! Was taking such a long time to choose the colours until the lil’ hub couldn’t take it and went up to the arcade instead of following me around and walking in circles. And after a carefully selection, I finally decided to go for the Paton’s baby yarn which is extremely soft and nice to the touch, and yet not too furry. Needless to say, it’s a little pricey though. For a 50g yarn, it costs me $9.99 per ball! BUT! It’s alright, because this will be for my beloved and precious little milkie! And I’ve got some Capital Mall’s vouchers which I can use, so in the end I only forked out $5.00 in cash! ^^

Choosing the colours gave me an even bigger headache! All the colours were so nice! Initially I had wanted a blankie that’s really colourful but after careful thinking, I think I’m still used to my style – the minimal style. And in the end, I chose it by elimination. Firstly, all the slightly darker colours are out as I wanted something pastel. Then, the bluish colours are out too. That left me with 4 colours – Antique Pink, Cream, Natural and Pear. I chose Natural against Pear after thinking for quite a long time, which gave me sort of a soft combination of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla ice-cream’s colours. Nice?

Anyway, this will be my new project, that MUST be completed before the mid of June. So that’s like 2 months, above all other things that I need to do.

Yes, I bought it at Spotlight. One of the place that I like to frequent, and I became a member tonight! It’s free and for life! There’s 10% discounts for all those things that’s in the monthly catalogue.

The things sold here, I would say, for some, might be slightly pricey. But if you take note of those promotions, it can actually be quite cheap. Considering the fact that there isn’t a lot of crafty shops around the town area that’s so accessible, I supposed Spotlight isn’t that bad a choice. Especially when there’s really a wide range of crafty products sold over here.

Furthermore, there’s always slips of printed paper where they teach you the method of doing some crafts e.g. knitting, quilting… And it’s all FREE! I took quite a few back too.

So happy tonight. Let’s see if I can start tomorrow! Woohoo!

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