Blog #0302

9.22am – I’m moody today. Obviously. Never slept well due to the sleeping position. Woke up with a relative stiff neck and the worst thing is… I felt feverish. Must be because of the lack of sleep.

The little surprises at home, the stupid system at work and the new hormones released in my body doesn’t help in calming my nerves either.


11.57am – Finished my extremely early lunch. Going to take a short nap on my desk after most of the people in my department have left for lunch.

12.45pm – FINALLY… … … … Time for a nap… … … …

1.50pm – Great… it’s never easy to take a nap when you have a big tummy. *LOL* Furthermore… I think it’s not easy too, when people start coming back… Let’s eat then… *Bites on a honeydew*

3.29pm – After much consideration, maybe in the end, little milkie’s name will still be that one… feels so tired now…

4.56pm – Just a bit more and I can cross out one more TO-DO! It’s raining now still, guess my plan to go Phoon Huat will be cancelled.

5.19pm – It’s still raining extremely heavily… how to go back home?

10.42pm – What is one thing that will definitely brighten up my day? Seeing and knowing that I’ve got a lot of clothes to wear! *Busy hanging up my new washed & ironed clothes*

11.30pm – What’s the possibility of a wife wanting to slap her husband? I wished I can slap him now. This is PURELY mental torture… Listening to the same few songs again and again. Moreover, some are not even near my favourite…

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