Blog #0303

6.38am – If you can’t sleep after waking up for so many times at night, then what should you do? WAKE UP! Good morning everyone! I’m so freaking tired again! Yeah… I wonder what’s wrong with the sleeping position. Hmm…

8.08am – Why do I feel so free today? Especially when my TO-DOs still seem a lot. Weird feeling.

3.39pm – I’m biting off one big “stick” of swiss roll now. Need to keep myself full so that I won’t be hungry on the way to Vivocity later. Going to meet the lil’ hub there to buy the movie tickets for the Gold Class! Woohoo! Hopefully the train won’t break down… seems to hear some news on that. I hope I heard wrongly.

Am trying to do up my another blog. It’s a relatively easy day where I don’t feel like touching on much work. Think I’ll leave it for tomorrow.

4.08pm – THAT’s IT! My FIRST theme shall be called “Pinky Pink”! Shall dedicate this for my baby girl – little milkie! Cool! Now I’ll need to think of the design…

5.28pm – Yes, almost done, structure and layout almost done. Now it’s just mainly the content. ^^ Gee, I’m loving my life at this moment! And it’s time to go fill up my bottle of water and off I go!

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