Food – Japanese Gourmet Town @ Vivocity

Cravings for ramen? No, not me. It’s the lil’ hub again. Heehee… and today, he’s craving for Ajisen Ramen! Did we find it? Yes, we managed to find it in Vivocity… BUT it’s not the usual purely Ajisen Ramen restaurant. This place is called the “Japanese Gourmet Town”, and in this branch, there’s actually 3 different brands available! – Ajisen Ramen (noodle), Botejyu (pancake) and Aji-Tei (rice). I supposed these restaurants are probably opened by the same group and thus they combined these together so that customers can have more varieties. Well, I’m definitely IN for this idea as it indeed gave me more choices!

So here we are, at level 1 of Vivocity, somewhere at the back, nearer to the sea. That’s the problem with the layout of Vivocity. It can be quite confusing unless you frequent there. So most of the time, I’ll think it as a triangle, where the row of shops nearer to the sea will be the “base of the triangle”. And yes, that’s where Japanese Gourmet Town is. If you still have no idea where it is, check the directory!

Anyway, after considering what to eat for quite a while, I ended up eating ramen set, and the lil’ hub taking the pancake set, which consists of a pancake and a rice set. The ramen came about 10 minutes later, which was relatively quite fast but the pancake set came really late… I almost finished eating half of my food before it finally came! Nonetheless, other than the lateness, I would say the pancake tasted nice. But probably, if given a choice, I wouldn’t want to order that for after a while, you will get quite sick of the pancake. Not too sure what’s the reason though.

Overall, it’s definitely a good idea to have dinner here since you get different varieties, and yet the price and promotion is still the same for each individual restaurant. Furthermore, the price is reasonable and the service is alright too. The ambience is just normal, seems more like a foodcourt in a way, other than you have to be “seated” and served by them. And seriously, I always thought this was a foodcourt instead of a restaurant – basically need to queue up and order on your own.

This place is definitely accessible, since there’s the Harbourfront MRT. But then again, there’s so many varieties of other food, what makes you feel like eating Japanese food unless you really have the cravings for it? *Ponder*

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