Blog #0304

9.09am – Someone woke me up today, after the alarm clock rang and I continued to drift off in my sleep… it’s my cute little milkie, kicking me, as if to ask me to wake up. And so I did…

It’s another relatively bad night with a not-so-new-but-getting-more-serious “symptom” – HEAT RASH. Adding on to this heat rash that caused me to scratch for almost the whole night, is the position that had been bugging me for the past few days. Other than the lack of sleep which caused the heaviness of my head currently, I guess (thank God again) all is well…

Come to think of it, it’s only about 2 more months before I start my 3 months maternity leave and my new life as a mother. Wow… time flies huh? And that would also probably means I’ll go though that unforgettable process… Hmm…

Anyway, back at home, as usual, the xxx is not clean, the xxx is not put properly, and the xxx is totally out and blah… Great. I’m getting a bit numbed to complain. I’m still getting that tiny bit pissed though, especially when this morning I saw speckles of not-sure-what on the metal piece behind the stove. I seriously wonder if my MIL cleaned it… Never mind. Don’t really want to bother myself with such things early in the morning.

Alright, let’s talk about something MORE positive!

I’d been working on the new website for the past 2 days and it certainly looks quite good now, the layout, I mean. Will see if I can try and work out on the content today, IF my work isn’t that heavy.

And talking about work. I guess my mood is still not there. Especially when some of them needs some thinking. Nonetheless, I’ll try to do it bit by bit while thinking of all the many other things that I wanted to do, this coming weekend or next.

Shall stop my blabberings for now and do something more concrete.

11.06am – Bravo! I audited the wrong projects… and it’s going to be A LOT of projects… Feel like going back home to work and rest at the same time.

3.37pm – Really no mood to work. Wished I can go home now… 2 more hours… 2 more hours…

4.04pm – Yeah! Left some of the contents and it’s good to go! But no matter what, the earliest will be after Sunday, after I have officially take some photos, isn’t it?

4.58pm – The boss will be taking urgent leave from tomorrow onwards till not sure when because her MIL needs to go for some operations and her hub isn’t available. Hmm… Good because I will have slightly more freedom. Bad because (1) it’s due to the fact that her MIL is sick and (2) the temporary staff will be coming in on Monday which means there wouldn’t be much privacy after all and (3) I’ll need to cover some of her things. Bleh. So overall… BAD.

5.30pm – I’m taking a cab back home. There’s this BIG guava which I need to bring back. Let’s see if I can bring some other things back too. Time to go off!! Yippee!

5.42pm – This cab driver seems weird… Talking and singing to himself throughout the whole journey. The way he behaved seems weird too. What’s worse! He actually scolded the word “F***” when a car went passed his just now! Damn it… I better text car plate number to lil’ hub in case I never get home safely… excluding the fact that the ride is a little bumpy.

10.54pm – Just finished updating most of the content of the new blog. Will need to wait for at least 1-2 weeks of some preparations before I can officially launch it. For now… I’m waiting… waiting for what? Waiting for the lil’ hub to come and fetch me. So sleepy already… so bloody late today…

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