Blog #0305

8.49am – It’s another Friday the 13th today! I wonder if anything’s going to happen…

Woke up as usual this morning, though a bit slightly later. I’m currently already sitting in my office,¬†which still seems very quiet as of now. My brain is definitely more awake than the previous few days. Would probably spend the next 1 hour to plan my schedule for today, tomorrow and the day after.

Plans to make my own full month cake package seems to be totally crushed by my beloved mum when I mentioned it to her yesterday night. Sigh… we’ll see how then. Can’t possibly go ahead if she’s so against me doing it.

GOOD MORNING! I hope everyone is feeling more happy because it’s TGIF! ^^

9.03am – Is this a coincidence? I just looked through my TO-DOs list and highlighted those things that I planned to do today and guess what? I count the number of items at the end and it adds up to 13!!! Oh, that’s freaky…

10.02am – Great… my learnings expired! =.=”’ I just wasted at least $60… Talking about that… I HAVEN’T START MY WRITING YET! I hope that one doesn’t have any expiry date. Maybe I should try and start a bit. Just in case. Damn it. Shouldn’t have registered it so early. Or maybe I should just send an email to ensure that I’m still enrolled in it. Yes, I think I shall do that.

11.25am – Damn it. The other one had expired too… Urgh… 50 more PDUs to go, and I got 2 more years. Better start bucking up a little bit more. I don’t want to waste those times where I studied so hard for it.

2.06pm – Just got back to office from lunch. Bought some decorations from Phoon Huat at Ang Mo Kio. There’s definitely more varieties over there. And… I think the theme for my first set of designed cakes will most probably be changed. “Pinky Pink” seems a bit hmm… let’s see…

4.32pm – I am the Governance. I am the Governance. I set the standards and procedures. Hmm… it’s not easy, you know? I mean, yes, it may sounds easy, after all, it’s just setting the rules and making the process right… BUT, it’s not just about setting it. It’s about MAKING sure that everyone is following it, and that’s where the tedious part comes in. Why? Because it’s got to do with the changing of one’s mindset. That’s my job. Stress? You bet… but it’s alright. I can take it.

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