Blog #0306

It’s already 2.12pm and I’m lying on the bed, writing this blog on my nettie. Currently, it’s raining heavily outside now…

My eyelids felt so heavy but yet I refused to sleep for the nap would be really short.

Later on, I’ll be going for my second antenatal class at 4pm, which means in about an hour, lil’ hub and me would leave the house. That’s the reason why the nap is going to be short. After that, we will be going for lil hub’s grandmother’s birthday dinner. Was rather reluctant to go… I can more or less expect the kind of commotion that will be going on… “Wow! You so fast ah!” =.=”’


Anyway, we just came back from our brunch at the Red Star restaurant. Definitely had my filled but I’m not too sure how long that’s going to last. Bought 2 pieces of butter too for my project tomorrow. A different brand though. So I’m going to see if there’s any difference.

The contractor was mentioning in the morning that the painter would come but till now he hasn’t called. Guess I’ll just assume that he’s not coming.

Bloody sleepy now from the late night movie… Maybe I should change my mind about taking a short nap…

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