Food – Jumbo @ The Riverwalk

It wasn’t really that nice to take pictures of the sumptious dinner that I had tonight as I wasn’t really that familiar with my lil’ hub’s relative (yes, I’m a little bit shy), and so the best I could take was a picture of the shark’s fin that I ate, excluding the shark’s fin. But honestly, tonight’s dinner was marvellous!

We just finished our dinner at the Jumbo located at The Riverwalk, after celebrating lil’ hub’s grandmother’s not-too-sure how many years old birthday. It’s a yearly routine somewhere around in April, ever since I got to know lil’ hub, which means I get to meet them once a year before I got married, and now twice a year (during CNY and granny’s birthday). If you were to ask me when is granny’s birthday? I won’t be able to tell you. I doubted that lil’ hub knows it either. After all, the date was always set and confirmed by the uncles and aunties, and we were only informed later on.

Anyway, let’s see what we had tonight – the longevity bun, shark’s fins soup, steam fish, 2 types of crabs (chilli and egg yolk), broccoli, yi-pin wok (mixture of abalone, sea cucumber, scallop, etc. etc.), prawns, small little roast pig, hong kong noodle (very very nice) and mango sago.

All these cost at about $700+ per table!

Worth it? Hmm… I guess it’s alright if you like all those seafood. But for me, I’m not really a fan of it and thus, I doubt I will want to pay for that amount, since there’s quite a lot of things which I don’t really eat. But the food tasted really delicious.

As for the location, it’s quite accessible as The Riverwalk is about 10-15 minutes walk away from the Clarke Quay MRT, along the river.

The service was quite good too and it was rather crowded – the restaurant was packed. The only thing that I don’t like is probably the ventilation. We were in a VIP room, but yet our room was TOTALLY filled with smoke from the kitchen. It’s so bad until both lil’ hub and me could hardly open our eyes because it stings! And after we came out, we smelled like food!

Sigh… well, still, it’s a nice dinner and my worst nightmare didn’t occur! Why? Because there’s going to be 2 more dragon babies! Apparently 2 of his cousins are pregnant and will be giving birth this year too. Hmm… is that a good thing or bad? That’s another 2 more competitions you know! Sigh… anyway… can’t do much about it.

Enjoy your food if you attempt to try it there!

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