Shopping – Skechers @ OG Chinatown

Showing off my NEW PAIR OF SHOES! Bought for me by my lil’ hub for my last trimester, so that I (hopefully) won’t have anymore backaches due to the increasing weight of the tummy everyday.

It was quite a last minute decision to buy it today. But if we were to continue delaying it, I think probably after I give birth, I still haven’t buy yet. And so since the aches are still giving me problems, and we happened to be at a place with Skechers, so why not just take a look right?

It was good, I mean. Firstly, I quite like this brand of shoes because my first pair from there, it lasted for quite a long while and mostly importantly,¬†it’s really comfortable and easy to walk.

Their shoes are divided into 3 main categories, at least for the Skechers corner in OG Chinatown¬†– Walk, Trail, Train. The “Walk” category was the one I chose from since I can’t possibly train myself at this moment. And from the advertisement, it states that it can actually help to reduce the backaches. The salesgirl over there was definitely nice enough to help me get the size that I want.

But to take note. There wasn’t a wide range of choices, compared to branches where it’s a shop on it’s own. This branch is located in OG Chinatown itself, at level 1, in a corner of the ladies’ shoes section. The price is still the same though, except if you have OG member card (which I did), you get to enjoy another 10% discount!

So let’s ALL hope that I will have lesser or no more backaches from now on! Woohoo!

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