Blog #0307

12.34pm – Sometimes I really wonder where my MIL is from and what she’s thinking. A walk past the golf range and she’s like “Wow! Here’s where the balls come out from,” as she stared at the machine churning out the golf balls. This is okay. It’s the other comment that almost cost me to faint. “Those workers are very pitiful. They had to slowly go and pick up so many balls,” she said as she stared out into the golf range field. And she said it confidently to my lil’ hub who apparently had no idea too…

Mother… Goodness… Did you see that “car” like thing that’s moving around in the field? That’s the one that is collecting the balls. And it’s driven by a worker… =.=”’

1.25pm – Just finished our lunch and we happened to walk past a desserts section of the restaurant. Apparently there’s some buffet but I got quite a bit of shock when I heard my MIL said as she came back after looking at those desserts, “Their buffet sucks. Only that few dishes.”

Mother… Erm… I think you are ONLY looking at the desserts section. There’s the ala carte buffet where you get to order the dishes? =.=”’

2.45pm – Have you ever seen anyone putting EDIBLE food inside the ‘cabinet’ where you drained your washed dishes? Great! Because I just did! And luckily I never put anything at the top level just now. Otherwise… there goes the food (the more hopeful thought).

Shall stay out of the kitchen and only start baking after my MIL is out of it. Too little space and crampy to move around. And she’s watching my every move. Damn it.

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