Thoughts – Preparing for Motherhood

As I lied on my bed right at this moment, looking down at where my little milkie is sleeping right now, I couldn’t help but smiled to myself. It’s a nice and bright Sunday morning, and I’d already finished cleaning and tidying up the kitchen a little, as usual. And I’d also transferred the big bottles of shampoos etc. into the smaller ones that I got it from Daiso. Nice way to start a day.

I woke up this morning at 6-ish. Slightly earlier than the norm. Not that I’m not tired, I am, but the body just woke up automatically. And with the MIL leaving for her morning exercises, it’s always a good time to ‘sneak’ out and start doing my chores. Thus, I stayed awake till now. Nonetheless, I did try to continue my sleep now but somehow, as much as physically I’m still tired, my mental brain is awake.

And so, here I am… caressing my tummy, and thinking about the many wonderful things that we bought for little milkie yesterday (so looking forward to her arrival). That’s where I got my first kick from her this morning. “Hi, good morning my baby!”

Then… something happened… *marked it down* I JUST RECEIVED A COMBO! A.k.a. a series of kicks and punches continuously, at least 8-10, after a quick count! NICE ONE! I swear I could literally hear the “thud. thud. thud.” sound within me. *LOL* At about week 28, the kicks and punches sure felt so different from those ‘butterflies’ that one experienced probably around 1-2 months ago. Adding on to that, are the constant jabbing and turning around in that limited space inside from the little one.

Jesus… nature does have his ways of doing things huh?

Physically, mentally and emotionally. Those are the 3 important things that one minimally must have (preferably) before engaging with the idea of having a baby. But from what I see, God actually gave us (both the mum and the dad) 40 weeks (estimated) to prepare for it. And is the time enough? I bet it is.

The whole pregnancy had been roughly divided into 3 trimesters – first, second and third trimester. The first one was bad for some. Physically and mentally draining due to some of the symptoms. And emotionally, you’ll find that the mother seems to demand more from the partner. This is also the period where the baby is the most fragile. It’s a test to me though, for this period. To ensure that both parents are, and will be strong enough to handle the whole pregnancy physically, mentally and emotionally, and that the baby eventually will be born into this world healthily.

And then came the second trimester. That’s where God gave us both a break from the strain. After all, one can’t and shouldn’t feel so stressful and tired everyday right? It’s also a good time for the mother to catch some sleep especially when most of the nauseous symptoms are gone, appetites became better etc. and naturally so is the mood. Thats where the parents-to-be can enjoy ‘communicating’ and building the bond with the baby, as most people tried to buy whatever they want for their little ones. After all, here’s the time where the gender is determined, isn’t it?

Then came the last trimester. I chose to believe that this is more of a physically training than anything else. With the lack of sleep and constant achings, one still needs to cope with the everyday life, especially for those working mums. Imagine right after birth, with the constant feedings and attendings to the baby, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine ‘pandas’ appearing and frustrations occurring. So, it probably is a relatively good idea to start training yourself physically during the last trimester to ensure that even the lack of sleep won’t make you burst. And that would probably handle most of the emotional and mental issues.

Of course, all these would be a lot easier if you have an understanding partner. I’m glad (though he’s snoring happily right now beside me) that mine isn’t that bad. Not the best, but definitely not the worst in this world. ^^ It’s enough (at this moment), at least for me.

Love my babies… and I can’t wait to go and see those clothes that I bought for little milkie yesterday! Dumped it at my mum’s house yesterday night and thus didn’t have the chance to see it. Bought her little mattress, bolster and pillow too. Sooooooo cute…

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