Blog #0309

9.42am – Finally got the time to settle down and write a little. Last weekend had been relatively hectic, and didn’t really manage to get enough sleep. This week’s going to be another busy one. Nonetheless, at least I’ve got quite a lot of things done.

Brought one cupcake for my project admin and she commented that it’s nice. ^^

The new temp guy who will be taking over me while I’m on maternity leave, is here today, which explains the “busy-ness” early in the morning. My mind’s still not working now, guess I’ll just tidy up my TO-DO list for now, and see what I plan to do today. Seems more effective this way.

10.31am – I just spent the past 30 minutes in the toilet, trying to clear my bowels. Constipation is attacking me again. I’m going to describe it. Skip it if you know it will be too disgusting for you.

I’m quite sure it’s at least 4-5 days since the last I cleared. Not my fault. The feeling just doesn’t come until now. And so I proceed on. But then, with the tummy that big, it’s not easy to find a nice and comfortable position to clear it. And what’s worse, I dare not ‘squeeze’ out for the fear that it might affect little milkie. So, I just let nature take its course but it’s way too long and I don’t blame it. For when it’s finally out, it’s at least 20cm long, 4cm in diameter at the start and tapering it to about 2cm. 4cm… GOODNESS! Of course it’ll get stuck! Sigh… I think it’s time to bulk up my water, fruits and vegetables intake.

11.51am – It’s not the first time, for being that careless. It’s not me. It’s the IT support team that are. And imagine them generating a daily report but with errors at times? Sigh… Just a simple step to refresh the table and yet they could missed that step, considering the fact that there wasn’t much steps to begin with. 

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