Blog #0310

6.41am – I’m so reluctant to get out of bed for I know my little milkie will wake up and start her morning exercises after that. But the bladder simply just can’t hold out anymore. And so I woke up, went to the toilet and back onto bed as quietly and slowly as I could… 2 minutes later… her exercises started…

7.41am – Influenced by the lil’ hub who had diarrhoea, I decided to take MC with him today and rest at home. Not that I’m really sick but it probably would be good for me and little milkie if I managed to get some more decent rest and sleep (yes, it’s STILL a problem), especially when both my legs and feet are still so swollen after the weekend that I couldn’t fit into the pair of new shoes that I bought on Saturday. Maybe, it really isn’t that good an idea to walk from Outram MRT to my lil’ hub’s old house last Friday. And neither is the last minute shopping and rushing on Saturday nor the hours of standing while baking on Sunday =.=”’

10.26am – Am awake and having my breakfast for little milkie. Still sleepy and tired though. And… a little feverish… I just hope I didn’t catch any bug from the lil’ hub last night… (he wasn’t feeling well other than the diarrhoea)

10.27pm – Friend’s baby just fell down from the bed. He was being left to sleep on the bed alone, with the pillows around him. He was 6 months old. The mum had went to continue cooking her porridge after tugging him in. His dad was playing the PS3 with the lil’ hub. And as soon as he heard him cried, he threw the game controller to lil’ hub and dashed inside. But alas, it was still too late. We heard a loud “THUD”, a scream from the dad and the 3 of us went dashing in. Luckily… it was only a fall and nothing much worse. Nonetheless, the 3 of us were all scared by the scream from the dad, instead of from the fall. I supposed the baby was scared by that scream too, instead of the fall…

11.37pm – I am pissed. Of course I am. As much as I’m not really sick today, but I would hope and like to have a good rest. And I did, in the afternoon, after rotting almost for the whole day at my mum’s place. But now, I’m STILL stuck at a friend’s place because the lil’ hub is STILL playing the PS3 with his friend and he refused to go back yet because the wrestling game haven’t ended! =.=”’ It’s a working day tomorrow, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I NEED MY SLEEP!

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