It’s coming to my 6th month to the pregnancy and I’ve got friends who told me to continue taking fish oil after expressing some doubts on it. But should I really continue to take it? Or should I not?

Fish oil, is supposed to help in the development of the baby’s brain and eyes. And it also reduces miscarriages and other medical complications. A few of my friends who had babies had recommended me to take them, and so had their gynaecologist. I’d asked my gynae (over 30 years of experience) before and he had mentioned that he felt that there’s no substantial scientific findings that really indicated that fish oil is really that good. And a study had shown that even parents who are vegetarians, can produce brilliant children. Thus, he leaves it to me to make that decision, and that he still supports in taking food the natural way.

Getting caught in this dilemma isn’t something that I can solve easily as continuing with the supplement does give me creeps (I’m never a believer in taking “artificial” man-made or processed natural or chemical food). But if I were to give up, what happens if it does really benefit the baby and that she grew up not as clever as she probably can be?

It took me a while before I finally decided to take it in moderation, which means, not on a daily basis. After all, I don’t need my baby to be the best and top in class or society. Neither do I want her to miss out any benefit, if there really is.

So should you take it? Well, I guess it’s really entirely up to you. There’s one list of pros of taking these supplements. And if you are supportive of taking supplements, I guess this shouldn’t be a problem for you.



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